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Window Costs & Prices

Find window costs and prices from many of top manufacturers. Explore product information and targeted installed pricing.

Cost Calculator

Find project costs and pricing using the free window replacement cost estimator. Our window calculator asks for 6 specific questions that will give you pricing for for 100s of combinations of replacement project options.

» Window Replacement Cost Estimator

Cost For Installation

It's very difficult to pinpoint an exact window installation cost because there are so many factors associated with each individual project. The type of window you have chosen, the opening and work required for preparation and installation are all things that will vary the price.

» Window Installation Cost

Budget Windows

Looking to replace your windows on a budget? Here is our list of "best low cost replacement windows" - sub $400 per opening installed. One note, if you are going to buy low end windows, you should take extra care in making sure your installer knows what he is doing and doesn't take shortcuts.

» Low Cost Replacement Windows

Mid Grade Windows

You can expect to pay anywhere between $400 and $700 as the average cost of replacements fully installed. Discover what we consider the best mid-range replacements in the upper and lower end of the market.

» Average Cost Of Replacement Windows

High End Windows

Explore our selections for the best high end replacement windows on the market. These window selections are $800 per opening installed and higher.

» High End Replacement Windows


Affinity starts at $425 and top out at $650 - the prices here are for a standard double hung and include installation. Affinity makes the Element and Advantage Series vinyl, as well as the premium Energex line.

» Affinity Window Costs


Alside starts at $225 and top out at $425 for a normal size frame installed. Many people in the industry have concerns about the design of Alside's snap in pocket sill. The biggest issue is the frame in some of their less expensive models.

» Alside Windows Prices

American Craftsman

American Craftsman starts at $250 and top out at $400. The company has several lines, including the popular 9500 Series. Most contractors consider it a low to mid quality window.

» American Craftsman Pricing


Amerimax starts at $450 and top out at $600. They make a solid mid grade vinyl replacement. Their double hungs range from $400 to $650 with installation. They have a decent reputation, and the growing company is establishing a track record of reliable products and good customer service.

» Amerimax Window Costs


Amsco startd at $225 and top out at $550. Their products are generally low cost builder's models. Their vinyls as well as composites are sold through distributors. They don't offer any warranty coverage for labor, so a consumer wants to make sure the dealer or installer does.

» Amsco Pricing


Andersen starts at $550 and top out at $1400 installed. One of the largest window companies in the US, they are certainly the most well known. There are five different Series of Andersens, as well as several other brands including Silverline and Eagle.

» Andersen Windows Prices


Anlin starts at $425 and top out at $550. They are generally considered to be a mid-grade company. Based out of Modesto, CA, they have a decent warranty that covers parts for 20 years and labor for 10. Although it is transferable, there isn't any coverage for screens or glass breakage.

» Anlin Window Costs


Atrium starts at $250 and top out at $600. Not only do they make and sell their own line, but they also manufacture several lines that are relabeled and sold by other brands. The customer reviews are widely varied. Some love the product and the customer service, while others hate it.

» Atrium Window Costs


Champions start at $500 and top out at $800. The price is high for a vinyl frame, and many contractors consider them to be a mediocre product. One benefit to using Champion is that they employ their installers instead of relying on independent contractors.

» Champion Windows Prices


Crestline starts at $200 and top out at $375. Geared towards the homeowner with a tight budget, their series are low-end but not bad for the price.

» Crestline Pricing


Eagle starts at $800 and top out at $1100. Their wood clad models are well respected and have a lot of options. They are available in quite a few colors, and have some different hardware options to lend a distinctive look. Although priced high in a market of mainly vinyl, for a wood clad model the prices aren't unreasonable.

» Eagle Window Costs


Gorells start at $425 and top out at $850. One of the top vinyl manufacturers, they were bought by SoftLite in 2012. Most industry insiders consider that a good thing. SoftLite is also a top company, and the quality of both product and service are expected to stay top tier.

» Gorell Windows Prices

Great Lakes

Great Lakes starts at $350 and top out at $600. Some contractors consider them to be overpriced, but when you can find them for these target prices they are a good option. Ply Gem owns Great Lakes, and they discontinued the Grandview Series and are selling a nearly identical series as the Ply Gem Premium. Crestline starts at $200 and top out at $375.

» Great Lakes Pricing


Harveys start at $375 and top out at $600. A mid-range manufacturer, they are respected in the industry for a solid product and good customer service. Based in the Northeast, they are most commonly seen in that region. They get consistently good reviews and their products are reasonably priced.

» Harvey Window Costs


HiMark is an offshoot of Okna that makes their high end vinyl windows - they can range from $600 to $800 per opening installed for a normal sized double hung.

» Himark Pricing

Home Guard

Home Guards start at $500 and top out at $600. Their entry level window, the HomeStar, gets decent reviews, and their Innovations has a very good reputation.

» Home Guard Windows Prices

Jeld Wen

Jeld Wen starts at $225 and top out at $600. The prices and quality are in the lower end of the market. Their lower grade products are primarily sold in big box home improvement stores like Lowe's and Home Depot. Their higher end models get fairly decent reviews, and their doors do as well.

» Jeld Wen Pricing


» Kolbe Windows Prices


Loewen starts at $1000 and top out at $1800. They are one of the most expensive products on the market; even their base model is usually over $1000. As far as wood windows, they are widely considered to be one of the best brands out there. They don't really make inserts, as most home owners paying that much would rather pay for a fully integrated window and avoid the hassle of a poor retrofit.

» Loewen Window Costs


Magic Windows prices are in the mid to slightly upper range of vinyl windows, think $400 to $650 fully installed for a standard sized double hung. The company is actually Magic Window Innovations, a Toronto based company that has distributors in the United States, particularly on the West Coast and the upper mid west.

» Magic Pricing


Marvin has a very good reputation for manufacturing a quality product and standing behind it with good customer service. They are a solid choice for both wood clad and fiberglass windows.

» Marvin Windows Prices


Milgards start at $400 and top out at $1500. While not considered the best window company, the West Coast company produces a solid, reliable window. They aren't available on the East Coast but can be found in most other parts of the country. They tend to get good reviews for both their product and customer service.

» Milgard Pricing


Oknas start at $450 and top out at $750. Most contractors agree that anything Okna produces is going to be a quality product. All of their lines offer two basic packages. The Energy features Low-E glass with argon fills. The Deluxe adds to that a foam filled frame and a locking screen.

» Okna Window Costs


Pellas start at $350 and top out at $1050. They have a wide price range because Pella uses different materials for the frame. Their vinyl windows tend to get poor reviews, especially the lines sold through the large home improvement chains. A lot of contractors like their fiberglass and wood frames, though.

» Pella Windows Prices


PGT starts at $550 and top out at $800. Most often seen in Georgia and Florida, they have a reputation for making vinyl and aluminum windows that are well made and durable. They offer a good warranty and really stand behind their product. They sell through distributors, so you can sometimes get a really good deal.

» PGT Pricing

Ply Gem

Ply Gems start at $350 and top out at $450. Over the years, they have bought many different lines of windows, including Alenco, Great Lakes, M&W, CertainTeed, and Patriot. They continue to produce some of them, and others have been relabeled and are sold under the Ply Gem name.

» Ply Gem Window Costs


Polaris prices start at $400 and top out at $700. Polaris gets varied reviews, with their budget window, the ValuSmart, not as well liked as their better lines. They all tend to have good AI numbers for their price points. Manufactured on German equipment made by Sturtz, they have a reputation for consistently good manufacturing quality.

» Polaris Windows Prices


ProVia pricing ranges from $350 to $700 fully installed. They are still known mainly for doors, particularly their storm doors, but they also manufacturer some very solid vinyl, wood clad and aluminum storm windows.

» ProVia Pricing


Reliabilt prices are at the lower to mid range in terms of the cost of vinyl windows. Reliabilt is sold in many of the big box stores such as Home Depot and the 3500 series is considered a very decent option for homeowners who insist on buying retail.

» Reliabilt Pricing

Renewal By Andersen

RBA starts at $900 and top out at $1200. They are some of the most expensive replacement windows on the market. RBA works differently than many window companies. The line is owned by Andersen, but each city or region has a locally owned franchise.

» Renewal By Andersen Pricing


Serious starts at $450 and top out at $2000. Originally based in Sunnyvale, California, in 2008 they purchased Kensington windows and incorporated them into their company. They struggled financially from 2009-2012 and were eventually bought by Alpen High Performance Products in Colorado. Some of their products get decent reviews, but with all of the changes there has been some inconsistency.

» Serious Window Costs


Silverline pricing start at $250 and top out at $350. Owned by Andersen Windows, Silverline is a low-budget brand primarily sold at big box home improvement stores like Lowe's and Home Depot. They are clearly designed for the home owner with a tight budget, and the company doesn't pretend to offer a premium product.

» Silverline Windows Prices


Simontons start at $400 and top out at $550. There are a lot of different customizations available for their windows, so the size and upgrades can cause the price to vary by $100 or more. They have a mostly good reputation, with good customer support and several mid-grade lines of solid products.

» Simonton Pricing


Soft-Lites start at $400 and top out at $650. As with any window, installation is the key to getting a good result, but Soft-Lite gets good reviews. They have a good reputation when it comes to both customer service and workmanship. Most models have different options when it comes to grids, screens, glass packages, and fills, which can affect the price.

» Soft-Lite Window Costs


Sunrise prices start at $400 and top out at $675. They have quite a few options and upgrades available, and they can easily drive the price up by $100 or more. They have a reputation for consistently high quality windows and good customer service.

» Sunrise Windows Prices


Vinylmax prices start at $325 and top out at $525. Contractors give Vinylmax windows some mixed reviews. Most agree that they are a decent mid-grade window, but there is some disagreement on how they should be priced. With a good installer and a good price, they are a good, solid choice.

» Vinylmax Pricing


Viwinco prices start at $375 and top out at $500. In the lower range of the vinyl replacement market, they aren't the worst but are far from the best. It's vital to get a good install to avoid issues a few years down the road. They are often compared to Silverline, Vinylmax, and MI.

» Viwinco Window Costs


Vytex prices run in the mid range for vinyl manufacturers (think $350 to $550 fully installed for a standard sized double hung window). Get pricing and product analysis on their Georgetown, Heritage and Fortis series.

» Vytex Pricing


Wallside prices run from $200 to $400 per window fully installed. Wallside is a Michigan based company that produces and installs their own vinyl windows. In general, the company gets decent reviews, with the bulk of the criticism focused on their marketing approach.

» Wallside Windows Prices

Window World

Window world prices start at $189 and top out at around $450 for a standard sized opening with installation. Find more pricing information on their various models and options.

» Window World Prices

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