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Affinity Windows Prices

Affinity windows prices start at $425 and top out at $650 - the prices here are for a double hung window and the install costs. Affinity makes the Element and Advantage Series vinyl windows, as well as the premium Energex line. Explore our window replacement cost estimator and Affinity windows reviews.

Overall Price Range: $425 to $650 installed

Element Series

Affinity's entry level window is the Element. It has the same general design as the Advantage, and has the same frame and sash extrusion. The Element doesn't have the extra features and options that the higher priced lines do. Considered a solid entry level window similar to the Okna 400 by many contractors, it features an .080" extrusion and composite meeting rail. Foam filled chambers, Super Spacer, and 3x weatherstripping help it's performance numbers - Ashland hardware gives it style.

Element Pricing

Advantage Series

The Advantage Series is Affinity's most popular line. It incorporates a vinyl extrusion produced by Deceuninck, but it's a lower grade model with fewer chambers. It's often considered an okay window, and it has some good upgrades and options available, but it isn't as sturdy as a premium Elite window. It's a nice mid grade window, often compared to Sunrise Verde window.

Advantage Costs

Energex Elite Series by Affinity

The Affinity Energex Elite is the Affinity's premium offering. It has some significant improvements from the Advantage windows, especially the extrusion. While also from Deceuninck, it uses a premium extrusion to give it strength and durability. A double locking mechanism and a top of the line glass package boost performance, and some luxury hardware options bring elegance and good looks. These windows are similar in quality to the Okna 800 or Soft-Lite Imperial LS.

Energex Prices

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