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Soft-Lite Windows Prices

Soft-Lite windows prices are at the high end of the vinyl window pricing structure. As with any window, installation is the key to getting a good result, but Soft-Lite gets good reviews. They have a good reputation when it comes to both customer service and workmanship. Most models have different options when it comes to grids, screens, glass packages, and fills, which can affect the price.

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Barrington Series

The Barrington is Soft-Lite's bottom end window, but it is still better than most like priced competitors. Their better lines give more value for the money, but the Barrington is very good for a budget window. The narrow sashes make it a little weak for large openings, but it holds well in smaller sizes. The exterior drip cap has a distinctive appearance, and not everyone likes it.

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Bainbridge Series

The Bainbridge is basically an upgraded version of the Barrington. The exterior has some minor differences and the balance cover is updated. The exterior screen track has some minor changes and the meeting rail is reinforced. Explore window replacement estimates and costs. Compare to Gorell 5000 Series.

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Classic Series

The Classic is Soft-Lite's original window. Some consider it to be outdated, and it doesn't have some of the newer features that you can find on the Imperial. It has decent performance numbers and reviews, but the LS and Pro are significantly better. The Classic is most often carried by smaller dealers, and it is easier to find really good deals than on some of the more popular lines. Compare to Simonton Impressions 9800 Series - more on Simonton window costs.

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Imperial Pro Series

A noticeable step up from the Barrington or Classic, the Imperial Pro has a variety of features standard. It includes foam fills and Super Spacers, as well as double strength glass. The screen lock and balance cover are improved and the meeting rail has been reinforced. The changes give it a DP50 rating, an AI of 0.07, and a 0.28 U-factor, as well as a stronger and more durable frame. Most contractors think that they are definitely worth the modest price increase from the Barrington. Theoretically the LS is a better window, but the thinner frame means the Pro has more glass area, especially important in homes with smaller openings. Compare to Okna 500 Insul-Tec Series.

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Imperial LS Series

The manufacture and welding on the LS are very different from Soft-Lite's other windows. It comes with triple weatherstripping and Kevlar reinforcement instead of aluminum. The air infiltration is an excellent 0.02. The Intercept spacer is only a small step from the EdgeTech found on the Elements. It gets great reviews. Compare to Sunrise Vanguard Series.

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Elements Series

Soft-Lite's premium offering is the Elements Series. It is similar to the LS in many ways, with some key differences. The non-metal EdgeTech spacer comes standard on the Elements. The double hung has a special tilt function that integrates with the lock so you can leave it open. The bead and cove design on the frame makes it look stylish and more expensive than it is when viewed from close up. The Better View screen and accidental glass breakage warranty are standard, also. The performance numbers are outstanding, with a U0factor of 0.19, AI of 0.02, and a DP of 70. It is clearly one of the best vinyl replacement windows available, and can compete with products priced twice as high. Compare to Himark 800 EnviroStar Series.

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