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Gorell Windows Prices

Gorell windows prices start at $425 and top out at $850. One of the top vinyl window manufacturers, they were bought by SoftLite in 2012. Most industry insiders consider that a good thing. Soft-Lite is also a top company, and the quality of both product and service are expected to stay top tier. Read about Gorell windows reviews.

Overall Price Range: $425 to $850 installed

5000 Series

Gorell's bargain window, the 5000 comes in a single hung and is similar to a Simonton 5050. It isn't a bad entry level window, but most contractors would recommend the 5100 or 5300 as better options.

5000 Pricing

5100 Series

The 5100 is a quality window at a good price. It has very similar performance ratings and workmanship to the 5300 but a better price. The 5300 has a thicker frame which gives the 5100 better sightlines and a larger glass area, while keeping an AI of 0.17. That makes them a great option for smaller openings and homeowners looking for a lot of natural light. The 5155, perhaps the best model in this Series, features a sloped sill and a fiberglass meeting rail. Comparable to the Okna 500 Series - explore Okna windows prices.

5100 Window Costs

5300 Series

Gorell's most popular window, the 5300 has a somewhat bulky frame and costs a little more than the 5100. There are six different glass packages, so the U-value can range from 0.29 to 0.18. The SHGC is a respectable 0.28, and there are available upgrades to foam filled frames and fiberglass sash reinforcement. This Series is comparable to the Sunrise windows model Verde or Vanguard.

5300 Prices

5400 Series

The 5400 Series are impact windows. Designed to meet coastal building codes, these are built for areas that have seasonal hurricanes and tornadoes. With a DP 50 rating, they can withstand strong winds and debris. Comparable to the PGT WinGuard HurricanevSeries.

5400 Window Cost

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