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Okna Windows Prices

Okna windows prices start at $450 and top out at $750. Most contractors agree that Okna produces quite a quality product. All of their lines offer two basic packages. The Energy features Low-E glass with argon fills. The Deluxe adds to that a foam filled frame and a locking screen. Okna also produces their 800 Series, which is marketed under the company HiMark.

Overall Price Range: $450 to $750 installed

Okna Window Reviews

Okna 400 Precision Weld Series

The 400 Series is Okna's basic window. It is one of the best low-end products available. With the Deluxe package, consumers can expect a U-factor of 0.28, SHGC around 0.30, and a 0.05 AI. The 400 is well made, and with a good install it closely rivals the quality of the more expensive Oknas, just without all of the bells and whistles.

400 Window Pricing

Okna 500 Insul-Tec Series

The 500 is most often seen as a replacement window, but it can be used in new construction with the addition of a nailing flange or fin and a J-channel. Similar to the 400 but with some upgraded features, it has a Duralite spacer and an improved sill wall. The U-factor is 0.25, but the triple pane glass upgrade can knock that number down to 0.15. The AI is 0.02 and the SHGC is 0.28. It also has a DP50 rating, even though it isn't marketed as an impact window. Those are great numbers, especially for the per window price.

Okna 500 Series Price

Okna 800 Series Windows

The 800 EnviroStar is defintely one of the best vinyl window. The 0.80 frame thickness makes it extra strong and durable. A 0.26 U-factor and 0.01 air infiltration are more than good numbers. There are quite a few choices when it comes to colors and finishes both inside and out, and there is some great brass hardware available as an upgrade. It isn't cheap, but for the price it's the best vinyl window you'll find. Compare this model to Sunrise Restoration Windows Reviews.

Okna 800 Series Cost

Okna Starmark 900 Series

The Starmark is Okna's composite frame. It is a bit heavier and thicker than some, but it retains nice sightlines. Some installers think the bulk of the frame takes away too much glass and prefer it in larger openings, but it is generally agreed that the Starmark is one of the best composite replacement windows. Indeed from a performance and quality standpoint, there aren't many windows that are considered better than the Okna 900 Series.

Starmark Prices

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