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Gorell Windows Reviews

Read available Gorell windows reviews to learn more about how they compare to other companies from both an installer and consumer perspective. Want to learn more about the costs? Click for Gorell window prices.

Gorell 5300 Review

There isn't much to the 5100, but the Gorell 5300 is a better choice. You won't find that many windows around that are much better. It's at the top along with windows like ones from Softlite, Polaris, Okna and Sunrise.

Blake - Installer - Texas - 2009

Gorell vs Ideal

I'm looking for vinyl window replacements for my home in east Penn. I have quotes for Ideal 5000s ($400 per) and Gorell 5100s ($572). Ideal's warranty is less than half as long as Gorell's (20 for Ideal, 50 for Gorell). My past experience with Ideal windows was that they are just mediocre, but I've heard that they've changed and improved since then. True or false?

Luthor - Past Customer - 2009

[Contractors Response]

Gorell would be my choice. They offer a better company presence and product, and even though the pricing is a little higher it's worth it in the end. Everything's better. The window, materials, engineering, warranty and the service. If you aren't really sure yourself, then just take a look at the other manufacturers out there. There are plenty more to choose from and you're bound to find something you'll be happy with in the end.

David - Installer - 2009

5300 vs Alside Ultramax

I need to replace 23 windows. I'm considering Gorell 5300 ($11,500) or the Alside Ultramax ($14,500). How do these two compare to each other?

Don - Homeowner - from - 2009

[Contractors Response]

There's no question that Gorell is significantly better. It's strange that Alside would cost that much when they aren't the quality that Gorells is at all.

Leon - Installer - 2009

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PGT 2300 and Gorell 5500

I've been on the hunt for vinyl replacements, and it seems like I've been searching for forever. At the moment, I've narrowed it down to Gorell 5500 or to PGT 2300. Which one is really better? The features and details for each seem pretty good and the installers have good reputation for both, but Gorell is going to cost me more. I need 18 regular and 4 slider windows, so I'm going to pays quite a lot either way. But, I still want to get a great deal along with quality windows. I'd like people's opinions on warranties, e-ratings and durability.

Terry - Past Customer - 2010

[Contractors Response]

PGT has some good reviews from what I've heard, but I don't have any personal experience with them. I've come across plenty of Gorells, though, and I think you'd like them. There's quite a price difference between these two so I don't know if you can overlook it if PGT is a good choice.

Brad - Installer - 2010

Soft-Lite's Imperial LS and Gorell's 5300

I would like some input before deciding on a window. My options are Softlite Imperial LS or Gorell 5100 as well as the 5300. Each have some of the same features like double glass, argon fill, low-e coatings. Which one is the better choice? I still need to get some final quote estimates on each, but I would like to know of any quality differences.

Zach - Past Customer - 2010

[Contractors Response]

I think that you've be making a good choice with either. I would take into consideration which installers you're using for this. If you like one over the other, better reputation, then they're the ones to go with. If there doesn't seem to be much of a difference at all, then just opt for the less pricey one. You can't really go wrong with either one of them, so if the price is right just go with that.

Spencer - Installer - 2010

Harvey, Gorell And Okna

I found an $8,000 estimate for a total of 14 double hung windows, with bay windows and slider. All of them are Harvey Tributes. It seems like it is a pretty decent price, so would that be good instead of Gorell or Okna? I know those are reviewed as some really nice brands, but Harvey Tributes seem like they'd be good too.

Kim - Past Customer - 2010

[Contractors Response]

The Harveys would be a pretty good product to get, but the Gorells and the Okna would be a better choice. You basically get what the price represents and when it comes to the installers, they generally prefer working with something that's higher quality. This makes for a better install with less issues and customer service that's worth it. I guess you could be pretty satisfied with Harveys, but if the price can fit into your budget I would go with one of the higher-end ones instead.

Henry - Installer - Wisconsin - 2010

Gorell & Stanek

I'm considering the Gorell Timeless and the Staneks. Which one is a better choice if I'm getting double hungs? I've read a number of reviews and gotten some estimates, but I still have it narrowed down to the two options.

Marideth - Past Customer - 2010

[Contractors Response]

You could go with either one and it would be fine. I prefer Gorells, particularly their Timeless as an option. Its frame is slim, which is great for a small opening where you want more glass maximized. You'll especially like having the range of choices and their glass packages, which will help you choose the right one for your home. The Staneks are pretty good too, but I'm not a big fan of them. Gorells is my favorite since they personally do the design and manufacturing of the products. Stanek assemble and do installation, but they purchase the parts and quality control is out of their hands. I guess this is part of what makes them less expensive, which is something you should take into consideration.

Garret - Installer - 2010

Silverline and Gorell

Gorell is much better if you're looking at that and the Silverlines. The Silverlines will have to be replaced shortly after getting them installed. Pay a little more for the Gorell or similar windows instead so you don't have to go through that.

Stan - Installer - 2010

Gorell Vinyl Windows Reviews

I am a big fan of Gorell 5300. I would say it's among the best quality vinyl windows available on the market. You could probably compare it to the Vekaplast DH1WW, but that has certain issues that you won't find with this. It's got a sloped still rather than the pocket. Plus, it has glazing beads. Overall, this makes it look and work pretty well. It's going to outlast anything else you consider buying.

Peter - Installer - 2010

Gorell 5100 vs Okna 400

I've received quotes for the Okna 400 Precision Weld as well as the Gorell 5100. What I need is 4 sliders (3 large) and 6 windows that are double hungs. I would pay $4750 plus $16 per window for the Oknas, and $5950 for Gorells. According to the dealer, the Oknas are the better choice, but they are different in price because of the cheaper sliders. What I want to know is which is considered better in terms of quality, ignoring prices. Are they reasonably priced or should I move on in my search?

Melody - Past Customer - 2010

[Contractors Response]

I would consider Oknas to be better than Gorell even though they are pretty good. Oknas are just in a higher class of windows. The price is pretty great and you'll be able to save some money on your energy bill because they're really efficient. With a good install, you would be making a really great choice with Oknas.

Ron - Installer - 2010

[2nd Contractors Response]

I'd go with Okna. Gorell might be good, but they're better. I would suggest taking a look the Okna 500s even though they are higher priced. The price difference isn't that much and the quality makes up for it. I have experience installing both windows and Okna was much better overall. Gorell would be a fine choice, but they're just not on the same level as Okna. Plus, you'd be getting a great price.

Josh - Installer - 2010

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Comparing PGT, Gorell & Softlite

For windows with .05 AI (air infiltration) ratings, you should go with the PGT 2300 and SoftLites. I have sold them as well as Gorell, and while Gorell is good I tend to sell more of the PGTs. PGT is less expensive and Gorell should be a good choice if you do decide to get that. Their glass package options are pretty good, and the triple pane windows are higher quality than what you might find elsewhere, so it helps save on energy bills.

Timothy - Installer - 2010

Gorell vs Atrium

Comparing Gorell 5100 to Simonton 5050 and Atrium, it's safe to say that it needs some alterations to stand up to the others, like reinforcements. Fiberglass, double strength glass and foam-filled framing could definitely make this the top choice out of these.

Troy - Installer - 2012

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