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Ideal Windows Reviews

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Ideal 4500 vs. Simonton 5050

I've been looking at Ideal's 4500 Series for my New Jersey home. There are 22 windows, so I'd be paying quite a bit to get them replaced. I would really like to get a good deal, both on quality and price.

Faith - Past Customer - 2010

[Contractor Reply]

You get window on a budget with Ideal. It's certainly not the worst out there, but there is Simonton 5050 out there for a similar price. You should also consider Soflite Imperia Pro and Classic. Softlite Brainbridge could even work, though it's an entry level quality. It's better in comparison to Ideal though, and you would be fine if you have a tight budget. Just don't get Ideal.

Ethan - Installer - NJ - 2010

Ideal & Gorell

I'm looking for vinyl window replacements for my home in east Penn. I have quotes for Ideal 5000s ($400 per) and Gorell 5100s ($572). Ideal's warranty is less than half as long as Gorell's (20 for Ideal, 50 for Gorell). My past experience with Ideals was that they aren't great, but I've heard that they've changed and improved since then. True or false?

Luthor - Past Customer - 2009

[Contractor Reply]

Gorell would be my choice. They offer a better company presence and product, and even though the pricing is a little higher it's worth it in the end. Everything's better. The window, materials, engineering, warranty and the service. If you aren't really sure yourself, then just take a look at the other manufacturers out there. There are plenty more to choose from and you're bound to find something you'll be happy with in the end.

David - Installer - 2009

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