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Alside Windows Reviews

Read 18 Alside windows reviews from past customers and experienced installers. You can learn more about the number of models, such as the Excalibur and the Sheffield lines. For pricing info, check out our Alside windows prices.

Editors Alside Windows Review

Alside is one of the larger window manufacturers that produces a whole array of vinyl window models and options. In general, Alside gets mixed window reviews from contractors and installers in the know. One of the main reasons is the use of the pocket sill, which they point to as a poorly designed feature. The Ultramaxx and Mezzo window series are decent mid range vinyl windows if you get the right per window cost. Make sure to get at least three window quotes to compare costs and window models and series.

Alside Excalibur Windows Reviews

Their most popular model, the Alside Excalibur window, is an affordable vinyl window that is sold by Window World under the name Comfort World 4000 window. It is the model used for their famous $189 installed marketing campaign. The Excalibur has a thin vinyl mainframe that does allow for lots of viewing area, but provides sub par performance ratings such as an .18 air infiltration ratings (a good AI number is .07 or lower). The features and hardware on the Excalibur Series are both low end and the design uses a pocket sill, which many contractors point to as a sub par design. All in all, the Excalibur is a budget vinyl window that is probably fine for small openings or rental properties, but isn't the sort of quality vinyl model that most homeowners should be shooting for. The Excalibur is comparable in price and quality to the.

Alside Sheffield Windows Reviews

The Alside Sheffield window is a step up from the Excalibur model and offers a much thicker mainframe. The Sheffield is sold by Window World under the model name Comfort World 6000. Unlike their Mezzo series, the Sheffield can be ordered with triple pane glass (we don't recommend triple pane for most homeowners, but there are some instances when it makes sense). The Sheffield series will deliver better performance numbers than the Excalibur, but this is at the expense of the amount of viewing area. The one nice feature of the Sheffield is the sloped sill, which is a nicer sill option than the pocket sill.

Alside Ultramaxx Windows Reviews

The Alside Ultramaxx window is nearly identical to the Sheffield model; same frame, same parts, same basic hardware. There are two differences between these two models, the Ultramaxx uses the pocket sill in a similar fashion to the Excalibur. In addition, the Ultramaxx has three lift rails, while the Sheffield has two. The Ultramaxx is a decent mid range window assuming you get a nice price point on the purchase.

Alside Mezzo Windows Reviews

The Alside Mezzo window is the newest addition to the Alside window line and is essentially an upgraded Excalibur model. The Mezzo is a better option than the Excalibur, although nearly identical in design, except for the different sill that the company calls a capture sill. The Mezzo series gets better performance numbers with the upgrades they have made, although the slim frame will not support the triple pane window option (which is not offered anyway). The Mezzo does come in a variety of interior and exterior frame color selections.

Alside Sheffield Design Complaint

In my time as an installer, I have grown to dislike Alside's Sheffield line. It's just a cheaply made window, with identical extrusions for every side of it and overall ill design. They use cheap shortcuts to lower the price, and customers just go along with it, unfortunately. There are also issues with the handles. How they planned it puts too much stress onto the glass. It's both cheap and bad looking. Look for windows that position the handle on the sash rail instead.

Pearl - Installer - 2008

Alside v Harvey Windows

I'm looking for some window replacements for my Boston home. I've already received quotes from Harvey Classic and Alside for Excalibur. I'll need 12 DHs and 2 bays. I'd get the same, good installer for both The Harveys would cost more at $8700, while Alside would cost me $7500. Are the Harvey windows better or just more expensive and not worth the extra price?

Bill - Past Customer - Massachusetts - 2009

[Contractors Reply]

Definitely do not choose Alside, even if they're cheaper. You are getting a pretty good deal for the Harvey windows.

Walt - Installer - 2009

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Alside Windows v Gorell

I need to replace about 20 of my windows. I have 2 quotes right now for Alside's Ultramax at $14,500 and the Gorell 5300 at $11,500. How do these two compare to one another?

Daniel - Past Customer - 2009

[Contractor Reply]

Gorell is definitely better. Alside is asking for way too much, considering they are in no way better than the Gorell windows.

Larrry - Installer - 2009

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Alside vs Simonton Windows

I need a ton of my windows replaced, all different types. I need sliders, DHs, casements and one sliding door to add to the mix. The companies I'm considering all have the tax credit deal attached, which I like. I'm considering Alside's Sheffield ($6400), Simonton's Prism Platinum or the 5500 ($7700), the Great Lakes' Grandview 4000 ($7500) and Great Lakes' Grandview 5000 ($8300). I'd easily be able to afford the Sheffields, but there might be a reason why they're so cheap. Simonton has a good rep, but is it good enough? As for Great Lakes windows…they seem nice and they are affordable.

Paul - Reply - Colorado - 2009

[Reply From Contractor]

I would go with Simonton since they're typically good. Great Lakes also has some decent windows to offer, plus you'd get quality customer services. I suppose you could pick either one. Alsides, I would take them off of my list unless I was on a tighter budget.

Leon - Installer- 2009

Installation Quality

I have enough experience with the Alside Excalibur that I can confidently say that I consider them to be among the best windows out there. I like how they look and how well built they are at the price they are typically set. Rather than rattle on and on about the manufacturer though, I would rather talk about the importance of finding a dealer and an installer who can do the job right. Without quality customer service or an installer who's going to do a solid job on the install, you'll end up going through a lot of grief despite the quality of the windows. They need to care about you and make sure that you get your money's worth. Otherwise, you'll have leaky windows that fall apart and no one to care about it even if you have a warranty.

Steven - Installer - California - 2009

Alside Window Review

I had about 20 windows replaced on my Washington DC home 5 years back and we've had a good experience. We went with Alside and they're windows have managed to stand up to our hot summers and very cold winters. No drafts, no cold spots. The installer seems to have done his job right. They discussed insulation options with us before doing anything else, and there's some nice foam insulation put in around each window, plus the windows are aluminum clad to help. Very happy with the end result.

Richard - Past Customer - 2009

Alside Excalibur Windows Review

In my years of experience with windows I've seen both good and bad. I would put Alside's Excalibur in the bad section. They have a lousy design and the manufacturing is hardly done with skill. There is a lot of AI with these windows and that's even before you have them installed and they start to fail. It's bad enough that the design is poor, but they have to go and make it even worse by executing it in such a poor way. They will never come as a recommendation from me.

Tim - Industry Expert - 2010

Alside and Okna Windows

I can't understand why people are raving about Okna 500 and then bashing Excalibur in the same breath. Have you seen how much Okna 500 costs? That hefty price means better material and design, so it's kind of obvious that it's better than Excalibur without people comparing the two. Considering the Excalibur is in a lower class than the Okna 500, it's pretty nice for its pricing as well. So, stop comparing things that have such different price tags. It's not helping when you have a tight budget.

Brock - Past Customer - 2010

[Contractors Reply]

Okay, it's clear that price is closely connected to quality. We get it. But, the low priced windows might seem like a deal at first, but they can cost you more in the end. You might want to just throw your money at the first thing you can afford and get those windows replaced quickly, but it's better to try saving up for something a little more expensive so that you can avoid the issues that come with a bargain buy. Those windows can warp, bow and leak over a short period of time. Then, you're replacing one window after only 5 years, then another and another. Even if you have terrific customer services backing you up, it's going to cost you a pretty penny.

Darren - Installer - 2010

Alside Excalibur v Silverline 9500

I am on the market for some windows. How do the Silverline 9500 and Excalibur compare? Can anyone suggest anything else?

Will - Past Customer - 2010

[Contractors Reply]

Those will work for a rental or a house flip, but I wouldn't put them in something you're planning on living in for a while. Instead, I would suggest Okna, Softlite, Sunrise, Gorell, PGT, Simonton or Great Lakes. Those are definitely better than what you're looking at. If you don't have any plans to pick anything besides what you named, though, then at least choose the 9500 over Excalibur.

Bernard - Installer - 2010

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Alside Sheffield Windows Reviews

We've had Sheffields in our house for about a year now and the experience hasn't been great. They soon began to leak air, letting in the winter cold. That put them at about the same level as the windows we had previously, which were about 10 years old. It could be a bad install or the windows aren't as good as we hoped they'd be. The installer himself is making it hard to get it fixed or even looked at. We're thinking that we should have gone with something or at least someone else, maybe even Andersen's Renewal model like our neighbor. They've had a nice experience with those.

Derick - Past Customer - Colorado - 2010

Alside vs Window World

I've never been happy with the way Window World works their business. They get subcontractors for the most part, which means it can be a bit of a gamble what kind of installation quality you'll get. They also get most of their supplies from Alside. If you're looking for a pretty basic window without any bells and whistles, then this company works fine. You're going to have to pay more for the extra features though, like energy efficiency and different styles. Window World is definitely not the best company out there. I personally want windows in my home that are energy efficient to help with bills and indoor comfort. Window World's cheap windows are typically sensible for rentals or houses you're not planning to live in.

Walter - Installer - 2010

Happy Alside Customer

I went with Window World partly because of the low price they gave me for the quote. I live in a condo and all of the windows got replaced. I have to say that they've really helped with sound pollution. Also, they've helped temperature control and I don't have to worry about freezing in the middle of the night because my bed is next to one of the windows. I'd compare them to Alside's Excalibure. They work well, are priced low and there's nothing fancy about them. I'm not sure they'd hold up to harsher cold weather than what I get in California. There warranty is nice though and I had a great experience with the installers. They didn't make a mess and did everything pretty well.

David - Past Customer - California - 2010

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