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Window World Prices

Window world prices start at $189 and top out at around $450 for a standard sized window with installation. Find more pricing with our replacement cost calculator. Click to read all of our Window World reviews.

Overall Price Range: $189 to $450 installed

$189 Starter Window

The Window World $189 starter or teaser window accounts for only about 15% of the total number of windows that they sells. This is their least expensive window, which we believe is the Alside Excalibur, which receives relatively poor reviews. At this price, these windows include no upgrades such as low-e glass (it will be a simple clear glass), vent stops, upgraded latches or additional hardware and will typically only include a very limited warranty. The company is known for paying their installers a fairly low per window price, which can result in a bare bones installation that may or may not lack adequate insulation etc. Please note: we say may or may not because Window World is a franchised company, menaing they have separated owned and operated businesses in each metro area and who they contract out to for their installation will obviously vary. We urge consumers to make sure that the installer doing your job gets solid reviews.

Starter Window Pricing

$300 Mid Range Window

The mid range window option from Window World usually has some of the upgrades you may find on the Alside Sheffield Series (we believe this is what they use). This will include some more energy efficient features and will get you some different options for the type or style of window. This is how the price can really begin to jump from the $189 installed price - argon fills, extra warranty, upgraded hardware, low-e glazing etc.

Mid Range Prices

$450 High End Window

The high end window with all of the available upgrades can run as much as $450 per window installed. This will include the energy efficient options, a good low-e glass, an extra warranty and perhaps even hurricane coverage for those coastal or storm areas. The problem with this upper end solution is that you are paying for an upgraded window and package, but may still be looking at installation that doesn't measure up to other companies. If the installer in your area is thorough and has a good reputation, then it may be worth it.

High End Costs

Window World High End vs. Anlin Catalina

I have two bids for 8 vinyl window that are very different. Both of for dual pane casements windows with an updated low-e energy efficient glass and grids.

Anlin Catalina Window: $11,800

Window World "High End" Window: $3800

Rose - Homeowner - from 2017

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