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Window World Reviews

Read 8 Window World reviews from homeowners and contractors to see what past customers and industry experts think of their products and window prices.

Average Rating: 7 out of 10.

Happy to Recommend to Other Homeowners

I recently had eleven windows and a door installed at my property using Window World products. The total job costs around $6,000 and I must say, overall I am thrilled with the results.There were a few minor problems we encountered along the way, but they were sorted out quickly. It took three days to complete the installation and I had to get my DIY hat on to complete some touch ups once the installer had left to ensure I was completely happy with the job.

As for the windows they are working well and just as described. We did encounter a problem with the sliding door, which needs a frame to be built. This left a small gap which is an opening for bugs to get in. As long as you are happy with a middle of the range window and you can do some of the touch up work yourself, then these are a top choice for the price.

Daniel – Homeowner – from 2006

Consumer Rating: 8 out of 10

Wasn't Impressed with the Sales Pitch

I had a sales representative from Window World come out to discuss my replacement window requirements. I must say I learned a few things about the company before he arrived, so I caught him out a number of times during his sales pitch. The lower end windows that they sell are actually Alside windows. Their hardware isn't as good as other brands, so anyone looking for replacement windows is better off shopping around. The sales rep did tell me that their frames were foam filled, but didn't mention this is on the outside only. Finally, while they claim to be the lowest priced window on the market, this may be true as long as you don't add anything from frame color to an argon fill, these are all charged extra. Soon you find you have a cheap window that costs more than many of the other brands on the market that offer these extras as part of the package.

Charles – Homeowner – from 2007

Consumer Rating: 5 out of 10

Lots of Additional Costs

I've found that Window World adds additional costs the minute you add any extras to their basic window range. They are very clever in that they draw lots of customers to their product with their low prices. The difference with these windows is if you want an argon fill or you want your frame in any color other than white, you will pay extra for it. These are often things that are automatically included by other window companies.

What I have found though is that they are very honest when they are at a property giving their sales pitch. They do explain everything to the homeowner and ensure the homeowner is aware of the extra charges being added to the window price. Taking their basic Alside window, which costs in the region of $189 in my area, any extras would include low e-glass, foam insulation, screen, argon fills, disposal fee, krypton fills, frame cover, storm window removal and grids, just to name a few.

Bill – Window Installer – from 2008

Contractor Rating: 7 out of 10

Review from a Happy Customer

I recently shopped around for quotes for replacement windows on my home here in Missouri. One of the quotes I received was Window World and I was impressed because they offer a lifetime warranty of parts and labor, which I found many of the other window companies didn't offer. In the end we chose their higher end windows for my larger window openings and their middle of the range windows for the standard openings and I must say I am thrilled with the result.

Overall the windows are good. I did do my research before we made the purchase and read through the reviews of BBB, I found they had a good reputation and the few complaints had been resolved quickly. I can't say I am disappointed with our choice, the new windows look good and were professionally installed.

Candace – Homeowner – from 2008

Consumer Rating: 9 out of 10

Quality and Service Based on Franchise

Window World have three basic contracts which enables each window company to offer a upper end, low and medium vinyl window to their customers. The prices are good, only $190 for the lower end window, making Window World the cheapest option available, which is appealing to most homeowners.

The biggest problem that Window World faces is with their installers. They don't pay good hourly rates which means they don't find the professional and reliable installers. It's important to note that this does vary from franchise to franchise - like with the Renewal By Andersens. Over and above my personal feeling that the windows on offer are not quality windows, you can get a good installation if you choose the right dealer in your area that offers these windows. A lot of the quality issues can be resolved through a solid installation.

Eric – Contractor – from 2009

Contractor Rating: 6 out of 10

Contractors Review

I have found that Window World tend to use a lot of sub-contractors, they don't have their own professional installers. This is a problem for the homeowner because it's a known fact that these companies don't pay the installers enough per hour, so they do rush jobs and don't offer the workmanship you would get if you were to hire your own window installer.

Another thing that many people don't know is that Window World's main supplier is Alside. The windows are a good price until you want to add any additional features. If you want energy efficiency, for example, you can expect to pay considerably more than just a plain window. There are so many other windows out there that outshine Window World in terms of quality. Personally I'd say Window World are a good choice for a rental property or a quick turnaround property that you don't intend living in for a number of years.

Sam - Contractor - from 2011

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Contractor Rating: 7 out of 10

Looking For Windows That Will Block Sound

I am hoping someone can help me. I live in a home built in the early 1990's in Texas. The windows I have at the moment are about 20 years old and think they are what you would call builder-grade. The main purpose for me replacing the windows now is that the windows I currently have do not block any noise, I can hear a pin drop on the street outside. Can anyone tell me if Alside / Window World do laminate windows? Basically I've been looking around but can't find any information on them. Whichever windows I choose must block the noise from outside.

Susan - Homeowner - from 2013

Consumer Rating: NA

[Contractor Response]

I am not a fan of the Alside Sheffield windows. In order to make the windows as cheaply as possible they use the same extrusion on the four sides of the window. This means they don't have a sloped sill, but rather a side jamb with snap ins, which are thick and ugly. I can't say these are considered quality windows, the money you are paying for is for the equipment they use and not the window itself. There are so many other great window options available, I would recommend you shop around a bit to see what other windows you can get in your area before making a decision.

Bruce - Contractor - from 2013

Contractor Rating: 7 out of 10

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