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Alside Windows Prices

Alside windows prices start at $225 and top out at $425 for a normal size DH window installed. Many contractors in the industry have concerns about the design of Alside windows. The biggest issue is the frame in some of their less expensive models. It doesn't use a welded sloped sill, opting instead for a "snap in" sill in the budget models. The weep holes can, over time, become clogged with dirt and debri, and this moisture can lead to warping and rotting. Other contractors consider Alside's manufacturing process to be inconsistent. Many, however, consider Alside a decent entry-level window when the budget is tight. Explore more Alside windows reviews.

Overall Price Range: $225 to $425 installed

Alside Excalibur Windows Prices

The Excalibur is a low to mid range window. It gets some mixed reviews, but is one of Alside's most popular models. Window World often uses them for their $189 installed bargain deals, although there are quite a few options and upgrades that can drive the price up to $350 or more. Narrow sightlines allow for a larger glass area, which is great for smaller openings. Alside stands behind their product with a decent warranty and good customer service, but the frames have thin walls and weak seals. The AI numbers are high, around .18, and most homeowners would prefer something more efficient. The appearance is fairly plain and generic as well. It's ideal, however, for a rental property or house flippers. Comparable to say a Silverline 8500 Series.

Alside Excalibur Pricing

Alside Sheffield Windows Cost

The Sheffield or Comfortworld 6000 model is a vinyl frame that isn't much better than the 4000 Series. This also uses the snap in sill that routes water through the extrusion and then out of the frame and can therefore trap water and debris inside the frame and cause issues over time. The frame also cuts corners on the extrusion construction, although it is a touch stronger than the Excalibur frame (making for a bulkier and less attractive frame) and uses an additional chamber. Performance wise the Sheffield will produce a bit better results with a .29 U value. Contractors don't like the quality of the weatherstripping and seals on this model that tend to deteriorate over time. The Sheffield is comparable to the Artisan from Amsco.

Alside Sheffield Costs

Alside Sheffield Cost Bid

We recently got a bid on the Alside Sheffield window for 24 dual-paned windows. The quote was for $9,750.00 and included all installation, new trim coil, caulking, and foam insulation.

Melly - Homeowner - from 2016

Alside Ultramaxx Window Costs

The Ultramaxx Series gets mostly good reviews from installers as long as the price is right. They use a "full capture sill" which is basically a pocket sill. Many contractors don't like that design, but Alside isn't the only company that uses it. Pollen, dirt, and other debris can build up in the sill, leading to moisture problems, mildew, and mold. It is better than the Excalibur, however, and there are few significant problems. It is comparable to the Vinylmax Hyde Park Window.

Alside Ultramaxx Prices

Alside 8000 Windows Prices

Alside's top vinyl replacement window, the 8000 Series features a sloped sill and very good solid weatherstripping. It has decent performance numbers with an AI of .10, a U-factor of .30, and an SHGC of 0.28. It has plenty of options and upgrades available, and is similar to the Gorell 5000 Window.

Alside 8000 Cost

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