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Amsco Windows Reviews

Browse Amsco windows reviews from past customers and installers who have experience with their windows and the company itself. You can view cost information for each Amsco window by series and model.

Amsco and Milgard

Out of Milgard and Amsco: They're both pretty good, but my choice would have to be Milgard. I would choose Amsco over Simonton. You're sure to get a better deal there if you plan on doing a bulk window replacement, rather than one by one. That's pricey in comparison.

Amsco has vinyl windows, which are the Studio and Artisan, while the Renaissance series are composites. I don't like their warranties. They don't have coverage for labor, so even though they send you parts the most expensive part is up to you. Then, it's a frustrating cycle of going between Amsco and the dealer or installer to actually get that done. It's better just to do the repairs yourself if you can. If that's something you can do, then Amsco is actually a decent deal.

Matt - Past Customer in Colorado - 2005

Single Hungs

We replaced both our back and front windows with single hung windows (back first, and then the front the next year). We've started getting condensation during rainy days in the back windows, but since we are in New Mexico that isn't a big issue. For people in rainier areas, though, it's probably a big problem. We had a broken lock, which was replaced with no issues. You have to be careful when opening and closing the windows though, because the can occasionally come off the slide rails. Other than that, they are pretty decent. We can always get the installer to come out and fix the occasional problem, like the derailing and I like the look of them, so I'm not regretting the purchase. I just won't be getting Amsco windows again. They are okay if you need to save some money, though, so it's a decent choice then.

Jed - Past Customer - 2006

Amsco Window Don't Pan Out

I have had so many issues with my Amsco windows since I got them last year. The smooth glide of the windows was gone in a manner of months, two began fogging between layers, and I haven't gotten any replies from the Amsco service department. Poor manufacturing and poor customer service. Not only that, but the storm window seals failed, and there was condensation and ice inside. So frustrating! When I finally got someone out here to see what could be done, they told me that it was high humidity. Seriously? I live in Arizona. It's probably one of the driest places, and yet I have mold growing. The lifetime warranty was no help at all because of everything that's excluded from it. It's going to be better to just replace them with something better and get a good deal on a better warranty and service instead.

Will - Past Customer - 2007

Review for Amsco Windows

Before starting the remodel on our home, I looked into Amsco. I liked the quality, with the argon fill and less noise pollution. Ultimately, I went with Simonton, even though the Amsco distributor I talked to happened to be nice, honest and helpful. You don't get that a lot, so it was hard not buying from them.

Jeremy - Past Customer in Colorado - 2008

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Amsco Window Issues

People review the more expensive brands a lot more than they do the bargain ones. So, I'm going to talk about Amsco windows, which I'm giving a bad review for. They aren't well made, lack the warranties that are actually useful and are just plain bad. Steer clear of these because they shouldn't get any recommendation. You don't have coverage for labor in the warranty and they have so many things excluded that that it's worthless. You also only get one year warranties with the Pella Thermastar and Jelden windows, which isn't long enough for them to show you what they've got. The poorest made ones would have to be the Value and Malibu, too.

Tyler - Past Customer from California - 2009


I have the biggest issue with the composite and vinyl windows warranties. They might have one on hand, but if you look closely you'll notice that they pretty much exclude everything that might actually go wrong with your windows, so it's useless. There aren't any issues with ordering parts for replacement, but you won't get anyone from the company for the repairs. Amsco leaves that to dealers or installers, but you don't get a good warranty with the dealers I've dealt with so far. They have several exclusions too, so their warranties are very pointless. A lifetime warranty was mentioned, but none have labor included so far, which would be really nice to have since it can get pricey.

Sam - Window Dealer in Texas - 2011

Double Hungs

I've order 8 Amsco double hungs to be installed in my house, all for $500. They have a good build, no draftiness and I really like the look. I wasn't too sure about the glazing beads, though. I took a look at the Simontons and it appeared more solid in comparison. Either way, I ended up leaning towards the Amsco and I'm glad that I did.

Brent - Past Customer from Utah - 2011

Solid Installation Job

My husband and I just bought our first house. One of the first things we did was change out the bathroom window in the basement. About a month later we were hit with a flash flood. I thought for sure our basement was going to be flooded, but to my surprise when I got home the basement wasn't flooded! The water in the window well was above the frame of the window and you could see about two inches of water resting against the glass. I was very surprised at the small amount of water that came in. I don't know if it was the way the window was built or the installation job done, but either way I am very grateful!

Gayle - Customer - 2013

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