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Silverline Windows Prices

Silverline windows prices start at $250 and top out at $350. Owned by Andersen Windows, Silverline is a low-budget brand primarily sold at big box home improvement stores like Lowe's and Home Depot. They are clearly designed for the home owner with a tight budget, and the company doesn't pretend to offer a premium product. While most home owners would probably prefer something better, they are a good choice when flipping or renting a property.

Overall Price Range: $250 to $350 installed

Silverline 2900 Window Costs

Only available in a single hung, the 2900 is Silverline's basic model. It does include a Low-E glass package, but even with it the U-value is 0.35, SHGC is 0.34, the VT is 0.58, and the AI is 0.13. Compare this model with the Alside Excalibur - click for more Alside window prices.

Silverline 2900 Pricing

Silverline 3100 Windows Cost

Like the 2900, this Series only comes in a single hung. The frame is lightweight and flimsy, and to avoid problems down the road you need a good installer and a lot of shims. For the most part the 9500 is a much better bet and not much more expensive. Compare this model with the 9500 Series from American Craftsman.

Silverline 3100 Prices

Silverline 8500 Windows Prices

The 8500 is where Silverline starts to make a decent product. A LowE2 coating is standard and it comes with an exterior screen. A tilt in sash allows for easier cleaning. It features constant force balancers, dual weatherstripping, and a Super Spacer. The U-value of 0.30 and a DP45 are unimpressive but not terrible.

Silverline 8500 Costs

Silverline 8700 Window Price

A horizontal slider, the Silverline 8700 gets universally poor reviews. The design and engineering are poor as well as the aesthetics of this window. Compare this model with Reliabilt 3300 Series.

Silverline 8700 Price

Silverline 9500 Windows Costs

Silverline's top window is the 9500. It gets mostly good reviews, especially when compared with others in the same price range. Double strength glass is standard, and upgrades are available for a foam filled frame and argon filled glass. The wall thickness is 0.85, which makes it quite sturdy and durable. Without the foam and argon upgrades, the U-value is 0.31, AI is 0.14, and it has a DP 45. Most contractors recommend the upgrades. The most noted problem is a poorly made screen. Compare this model with the Pella 350 vinyl window - click for additional Pella window prices.

Silverline 9500 Cost

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