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Andersen Windows Reviews

Our Andersen windows reviews can help consumers learn more from past customers and industry installers who know their products and customer service record. Check a whole host of pricing with our windows cost estimator.

Satisfied Past Customer

There seem to be so many bad comments about Andersen windows floating around, but I've been more than happy with the ones I have had for years. There haven't been any issues with them, no leaks or drafts. I like how they look and I'm glad that I got them. I can't understand why others seem to have so many issues with them.

2009 - Cathy - Homeowner

Issues with Andersen Windows

Andersen has pathetic customer service, if it can be called that. It cost me over $20,000 to get my doors and windows from their company. There's a split in the wood of one door, I have faulty screens that can't fit into their frames and delivery was significantly delayed. They never even gave us a reason for why they were so late; we just got them in August instead of the Spring, when we ordered them. It was especially inconvenient because we live in Phoenix and I didn't want to install anything in the heat. So, I had to store them away and wait until October.

Now, their customer service won't take any responsibility because it's been over 90 days. They just told me to fill it in and paint it over. Then, they told me that the screens had to be taken apart and assembled to factory specifications. I'm confused, Aren't they supposed to already be correctly assembled? The so-called transferrable warranty is a waste of time as well. I have to pay to get my installer to fix the problems, and Andersen's customer service doesn't care at all.

2010 - Devin - Past Customer

Andersen 100 Series

I've mostly used the 100 series in my work, but I've a few other Andersen windows as well. The only good point I can really say about them is that they paint easily. I would rather suggest a vinyl window though, rather than these fiberglass/wood composites. The pricing is too high, and the performance is significantly poor in comparison to a cheaper vinyl window.

2010 - Brent - Installer

Andersen Pocket Inserts

I've installed plenty of windows over the years and recently had some experience with Andersen pocket/insert replacements. It was great working with them. The install was pretty easy and, like with so many other Andersen products, I haven't experienced issues with these. I like the look, the price is reasonable and I would recommend that anyone buy them. The only thing that I would really say is bad is a number of their overpriced lines, which you should probably avoid. But, this does not reflect the rest.

2010 - Maxwell - Installer

Andersen and Hurd Comparison

Hurd is never going to be my first choice again. I have 17 of them in my house right now and I can't wait to get rid of them. Both the inside and outside sills are disappointing, with the inside ones poorly made with cheap materials and the outside rotting. I tried to fix them up, but relized it was all just a big waste of time. In comparison, the Andersen windows I have installed are brilliant. They've been there for 60 years, and hardly have any wear and tear to them. Hurds just doesn't have any endurance like other brands..

2011 Michael - Past Customer

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