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Hurd Windows Reviews

Read Hurd windows reviews from past customers, installers and industry insiders. Find out which products they would recommend and what to avoid, as well as window project cost estimates.

Hurd or Renewal

I'm looking ro replace a number of casements in my house. I considered RBA at first, but the price turned out to be too much. I now have two more estimates from others. One installer can install andersens for me while the other can install aluminum clad windows from Hurds. Both would cost me about $30,000, so I can't seem to decide on which one to go with. Hurd seems to have a bad reputation, but I happen to know the installer who would put them in for me. I trust him and he seems to like them. Opinions?

Carson - Past Customer - 2009

[Contractor Response]

Hurds has some pretty decent windows now, and some even say that they rank better than Andersens. There was a change in wood preservatives at some point in the 80's making them more susceptible to rotting, but recent windows haven't had that issue. Hurd now has one of Andersen's previous head engineers working for them, so their product has greatly improved.

Howard - Installer - Kentucky - 2009

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Hurd vs. Jeld Wen Pozzi

Pozzi is the best line that Jeld-Wen has to offer. Hurds are good, but not like Pozzi. You can get a better warranty with Hurd, but since another company bought them last year that is no longer honored. What's the point of a great warranty if it doesn't get honored? A lot of dealers and contractors were upset by this and have ceased their work with Hurd completely. I would choose Pozzis instead.

Travis - Industry Insider - 2009

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Hurd Complaint

I would never install Hurd in my house, no matter what. They've gone through lawsuit after lawsuit because of issues with their construction and materials. Old warranties aren't being honored, so paying for one is pretty much a waste of your money and not something a dealer wants to do to a customer. I don't think they're going to last very long after all of these lawsuits.

Johnny - Installer - Virginia - 2009

Not A Fan Of The Heat Mirror

I got Heat Mirror windows as well as doors 9 years ago for my log-home in Colorado. The seals started failing within the first year. Our warranty allowed us to get them replaced, but we had issues with our sliding door and a wrinkling issue soon after. Now that it's been 9 years, we need to replace all of the windows. There are failing seals, dirt and dust in between panes and we're getting nothing from the warranty now. They all need to be replaced, hopefully with windows that will hold up longer than these.

Gordon - Past Customer - Colorado - 2009

Windows For A Historic House

We don't have that many window options for the historic home we're restoring in Cleveland. In order to do the restoration, we have to only use materials and designs from the time period in which it was built, which has made it a pain when trying to find windows and other necessary fixtures. We are allowed to use clad aluminum, at least, but a lot of windows are being made with vinyl these days. We can't get many features like low-E, glazing or fiberglass either. We found wood-clad aluminum windows with Hurd that seem to fit the bill, though, so that really helped us move forward with our project..

Bobby - Installer - 2010

Hurd vs Peachtree

Which is better? Peachtree or Hurd? I need 38 windows replaced total. Marvins seems like a great option, but I can't afford that. I really need to stay in a certain budget, so it's either Peachtree or Hurd for me.

Samuel - Past Customer - 2010

Hurd Windows Complaints

I won't be using Hurds again at all. I got 17 installed in my own house and I'm already regretting the decision. The sills are lousy, poorly made and weak, plus the outsides are rotting. I started repairing them at first, but then it got to a point where I was just wasting time trying to fix the issues. There are Andersens in the rest of my house and even though they've been there for 60 years, they've held up really well. Hurds are just aren't going to last.

Marvin - Past Customer - 2010

Hurd & Other Top Brands

It's strange that everyone seems to be comparing Hurd, Marvin, Kolbe and Eagle. Hurd shouldn't be compared to those other ones. They have poor designs and material, so I wouldn't go with Hurd unless you want to encounter plenty of problems. I suppose you could go with Hurd if it fits your budgets and needs, but you're going to get low quality windows as a result.

Warren - Installer - 2012

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