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Marvin Windows Reviews

Browse our Marvin windows reviews from past customers' and contractors on well-known products like the Integrity, Infinity and the Ultimate Series. Prices for these can be found on our Marvin windows prices page.

Lincoln and Marvins

We have both Lincolns and Marvins installed in our home, both with very different experiences so far. The Marvin windows have given us a better experience. We had to pay a little more for them, but we've had minimal issues with them so that's been worth it. There was a tiny crack in one window that we were able to get it fixed right away and there was some mix-up with the rebate, but everything worked out in the end and Marvin was good about it. The Lincolns have leaked, let in drafts. There's been condensation and the company has been trying to blame it all on humidity. We don't have this problem with the Marvins, so why would it be humidity?

Christian – Past Customer – 2007

Customer Review

The installer I hired wanted to put cheap and low quality vinyl windows into my house, but I wanted something that was good quality with a wood interior that I would like. This, however, was problematic since we were on a tight budget. When we decided on the Marvin Integrity, it was barely in our budget but we're happy that we went that extra mile to get to the price. They are great, look good with very nice casement interior wood. They have some great additional features like argon filling and a low-e coating. Marvins have a decent reputation, so we're hoping they last so we can enjoy that for years to come.

Candice - Past Customer - 2008

Marvin and Milgard

I've had my fair share of experience with the Milgard Ultra and Marvin Infinity. I would say that both work well, but have upsides and downsides to them like many other windows. Both casements are good, but for a better double hung window you should go for the Infinity. Milgard's warranty is better, but good warranties can sometimes be a sign of problems in your window future from my experience. If the window is good quality, then a warranty isn't needed. I think that warranties are more for the company than for customers, like a way for them to avoid shortfalls in their products. Both are well-made though and look nice. You could probably be satisfied with either one.

Mark - Installer - 2009

Integrity Opinion

I think Marvin Integrity is pretty good. I like its looks, the glass, the frame and how durable it all seems. They probably aren't as durable as aluminum windows, but there haven't been any issues with them. The price is good, though higher than some because it's a great quality window. The options and features will be limited, though, so if you don't want that then this isn't the window for you.

Alvin - Installer - 2010

Marvin and Pella

My wife and I were considering buying the Pella Architecture windows or maybe get Marvin Ultimates. In the end though, we decide to go with Marvin. A lot of the features we wanted were standard with the Marvins, but we had to pay extra for upgrades on the other one. We liked what the Marvin had to offer, like great features and more wood than aluminum material. We both really like their customer service, though, which was what made this sale. Pella didn't give a good first impression through their rep and then our second impression at the showroom wasn't that good either. We like punctual salespeople as well as ones who know their stuff, which is what we got with Marvins. Our windows have been in our house for about three months now and it's going well. We're really happy with everything.

Jonathan - Past Customer - 2010

Ultimates, HiMark or Soft-Lite

When it comes to looks, the HiMark ranks better in comparison to Simonton windows. If it's not quite your taste, then you can also opt for the Marvin Ultimate as a good alternative premium window. Soft-Lite Imperial LS could work very well too, but HiMark and Okna as still better in comparison.

Tyler - Installer - 2010

Marvin Window Issues

I had 15 Marvin Integrity windows installed about a year ago (double hungs) and I have had air leakage from around where the sashes are. This isn't a fluke with just one window, but with ones all over the house. There doesn't seem to be any issues with how I did the installation, it's just how they were made - poorly. I was shocked because Marvin has a decent reputation.

Theo - Installer - 2011

Marvins A Good Choice

Marvin windows happen to be very popular among consumers and installers. While you won't get the exact same features with each Marvin line, it's hard to compare them to any other brand in the same category. Sunrise Restoration is probably the only one better, having much lower numbers for air infiltration. It thing that's difficult to determine is just how the numbers stack up in a used window vs. showroom window comparison. Does the wear and tear significantly change the stats and which one is better after being put to the test? Overall, Marvins are still going to be a pretty great choice. You could be happy with Oknas or Sunrise as well, if the Marvins somehow doesn't work for you. In the end though, you're just going t ohave to be willing to pay a little extra in the beginning for a great window, so you don't have to worry about the low performance of a bargain brand.

Chris - Industry Expert - 2011

Marvin and Kolbe

I don't know if I want to go with the Marvin Integrity All Ultrex Fiberglass or the Kolbe Latitude Vinyl. I'd have to pay a lot more for the Marvin, but is it worth that extra? Or, are they both the same? They both seem pretty good, but I'm not sure which one will be most worth it.

Brandy - Past Customer - Louisiana - 2012


The Marvins really are woth the extra money. I hope they fit your budget, because you should pick them. The Kolbe is pretty good, but comparing it to Marvins is hard to do. The two you're considering are especially different from each other, with the Marvins having fiberglass and a better, stronger material. They look really nice and you can't find much else like it out there right now that's better.

Clark - Installer - 2012

Marvin, Lincoln or Eagle

Lincoln offers their clad double hung window with a 0.01 AI rating. It's just not quite the rating R-4 has. Then, the Eagle window is decent but their sills aren't that great. Peachtree 700 series is worse than the Eagle line, so I would just consider Marvin. They are much better than the others. The price is obviously higher, but it's reasonable for the quality that you get.

Rod - Installer - 2013

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