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Peachtree Windows Reviews

Read available Peachtree windows reviews from customers and installers who understand their record on customer service and the quality of products. For more pricing information, see our window cost calculator.

Peachtree & Weather Shields

I have found that WeatherShield tends to get mixed reviews. These used to be the Peachtree line which I was installing in the 1990's. Personally I would go with Kolbe & Kolbe or Marvin fiberglass framess. The newer windows these days have nailing flanges, some use a brick mold as well. I would recommend a brick mold if you want to ensure everything lines up correctly during installation.

Adrian - Contractor - 2013

Other Brands Comparison

It isn't the best (R-4 is better), but Lincoln's double hung clad with a 0.01 AI is pretty good Eagle is decent, though I'm not a fan of the double hung sill they offer. Then, in comparison, Eagle is better than the Peachtree 700 series. Marvin is probably a much better option, though. They are in a league of their own and even though they are a little more pricey, it's worth it for the quality.

Samuel - Installer - 2010 Lincoln windows reviews.

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