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Eagle Windows Reviews

Read Eagle windows reviews from past customers and expert opinions on their products, models and customer service. For more cost info, check out our window price estimator. For Eagle window prices, click here.

Installer Opinion

Eagle offers good quality windows in the upper ranged pricing. Andersen now owns them and they've been going through a transition phase with the distribution plans and such. Despite this, they are still good and Andersen was a decent company for them to be sold to since they are reliable and won't skimp on the materials/service.

Ethan - Installer - 2010

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Eagle vs Pella & Marvins

I am in need of some casement window replacements and have been looking at the following: Pella Architects, Marvin Ultimates and Eagle Axioms. All have at least one feature in common; which is the extruded aluminum clad. Eagle seems to have some good reviews and if I get that I'm considering a triple pane instead of double pane.

Leon - Past Customer - 2010


Marvin Ultimate is probably your best options out of the three that you listed. Eagle is decent as well, but I wouldn't say it's as nice. Pella is a no go since their sash is sub par.

Andy - Installer - 2010

Other Brands Comparison

It isn't the best (R-4 is better), but Lincoln's double hung clad with a 0.01 AI is pretty good Eagle is decent, though I'm not a fan of the double hung sill they offer. Then, in comparison, Eagle is better than the Peachtree 700 series. Marvin is probably a much better option, though. They are in a league of their own and even though they are a little more pricey, it's worth it for the quality.

Samuel - Installer - 2010

Aluminum Windows

If you're looking for a very specific color option, then the Eagles is a pretty good choice. With an extruded aluminum exterior and over 50 color options (if you include anodized and custom lines in the list), you'll have plenty of options. You have a lot of finishes to choose from as well. Various wood finishes, custom grids and plenty more. When you're looking for something very specific and don't want to compromise, then Eagle is a great choice.

Timothy - Installer - 2010

Eagle or Marvin?

There are windows from 1977 in our house right now and we were hoping to replace them. So, we've been looking at Marvins or maybe Eagle. We really need to get some replacements soon, and were also hoping to be able to have a French door replace one of the windows. Which is better? Fiberglass, composite or vinyl? I've heard that the first two are better.

Karen - Past Customer - Texas - 2012


Marvin and Eagle both have good qualities too them. Good product and strong customer service. In that sense, it can be difficult to choose between them so I would look at each for their features available. Check and see what they offer and what requires extra fees. Whichever you pick should work out okay though.

John - Installer - Texas - 2012

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Eagle vs Andersen

I need to replace the windows at my Pennsylvania ranch. My options are kind of limited since I am looking for black exteriors only. I've mainly narrowed it down to Eagles and Andersens A series. 9 windows need to be replaced. All of them are double hungs except one, which is a casement. The features we're looking for are low-e glass and interior grills. Plus, we're looking for quotes that exclude installation pricing since we already have someone to do that part. The Eagles are probably the cheapest option. We would really like to get Marvins, but in order to have black we have to go out of our set budget for the Ultimates. I'm just not sure which to choose between the two.

Daniel - Past Customer - 2012


I wouldn't recommend Eagle, based on my own experience selling them. I hated it every time, and would much rather recommend the Andersen 400 series. It's one of the best they have, while there's nothing special about their new stuff. If those are your only options at this point, I think you should keep on looking.

Mike - Installer - 2012

Eagle vs Kolbe

It's seems really strange that comparisons are being made between Hurd and companies like Eagle, Marvin and Kolbe. There really is no comparison. You can find higher quality designs and materials from other companies and they will last without as many issues as well. Hurd is not the best quality. I guess it's okay if you don't mind low quality, but most people don't want that in their home for a reason.

Walter - Installer - 2012

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