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Pella Windows Reviews

Read Pella windows reviews from installers, contractors and past customers who have experience with this company. Pella is a large company, with plenty of consumers with varying views of the quality of their product and customer service. Click to discover Pella windows prices on their best selling series, models and frame types.

Pella v Andersen

I am a big fan of Pella. They get my recommendation since they have been rated pretty high by JD Powers & Associates. They've even gotten recognition from the Department of Energy thanks to their energy efficiency and for green practices in their business. Andersen windows are okay, but there isn't anything special about them and their several lines confuse consumers. Marvin is similar to Pella, so it's decent too.

Markus - Installer - 2008

Designer Series from Pella

Our town house is going through some renovations right now and we're considering new patio doors and windows from Pella. We've been looking at their Designer Series specifically. I want them to be able to last 10 or more years and I want high-grade windows. At the same time, I want to save as much money as possible without sacrificing quality.

David - Past Customer - Alabama - 2010

[Contractors Reply]

Pella Designer has a nice look, but don't buy any of the low-end stuff they have. Things can get hairy if there are any problems since their customer service is bad.

Harold - Installer - 2010

Pella's Architect Series Review

At first, I decided to get Jeld-Wens windows but then I saw Pella windows and the big difference between them. Pellas showroom had a lot of nice windows, and they seemed to have better quality and looks. As a plus, they're cheaper than Jeld-Wens. In the end I changed my mind and got Pella Architects for my home. I've been pretty happy with the decision, since they seem well made. When we were considering the Jeld Wens, I realized that they have rolled aluminum and that tends to dent. Pellas windows are wood with aluminum cladding to keep it from denting so easily or water seeping in.

Ryan - Past Customer - 2010

Pella and Kolbe

If you are stuck between choosing a Pella window or Kolbe, you'll get a lower price with Pella but not a significantly lower one. However, the Kolbe aluminum windows are significantly better than the Pellas so the higher price is worth it. We've had ours for almost 15 years now and even though there are 20 of them they haven't caused any trouble and even look like new.

Greg - Past Customer - New Jersey - 2010

[Contractor Response]

I'm honestly not that impressed by Kolbe or Pella. Kolbe windows aren't that special, rather bland, and Pellas are even worse. Even the best Pella brand lines like the Architectural can hardly stand up to anything else. They put on a nice face for sales, but the models in showrooms are not as nice as what you end up with when you order. Everything is crooked and miter joints end up all messed up. I installed my own Pella windows and the work that I went through to get them in just right was far more than should be done. You just can't get these and install them like they come during delivery.

Barry - Installer - 2010

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Pella Windows Review

In reality, Pell is in no way better than the other brands out there. Their advertising makes them look a lot better than they actually are. Their vinyl/fiberglass are terrible. The price you pay hardly has anything to do with the quality, and more to do with marketing. If you want good windows and patio doors, look at either Inline or ProVia. Those aren't really my top recommendations, but they are among the ones you might be considering. If I had to choose any as my top choices though, it would be Okna 500, Sunrise Restorations, Gorell 5300, Soft-Lite Imperials or even Elements.

Waldo - Installer - 2012

Sliding Doors Review

Pella seems great visibly until you wait some time. Their sliding doors that are wood clad can't hold up to the wear and tear of time. The cladding often separates from their glass. I can't recommend them in full confidence. Before making a decision on a window, consider three number ratings; AI, U-value & the SHGC. Sent a request for these numbers to each company and then do the comparison on your own. You can ask an installer or other expert to help with this step if you want. It will be easy to find more options out there besides Pella that will look equally good with better durability and quality for a lower price.

Eric - Installer - 2012

Pella Window Issues

If you plan on getting one of the top Pella lines, then you will probably be fine, but anything of lesser quality like the vinyl and cheaper wood will be a problem. You'll see a lot more rolled aluminum with Pella too, which isn't good. Customer service is bad, from my experience, and they don't honor warranties. The reputation they have is false, built up by advertising alone.

Aaron - Installer - 2012

Pella and PlyGem Products

I need to get 6 sliders and have 2 options before me with different installers. First, there's Plygem Lifestyles Series who would use local installers and then there's the Pella quote with Lowes as the installer.

Jordan - Past Customer - 2012

[Contractors Reply]

You'll get a much better product with the Plygem. Also, get the spacer that's stainless steel. The difference is really big. The sill is kind of weak in this second tiered window, but if you get a decent price then that's not so bad. Pellas window isn't worth buying. I would, instead, consider HiMark, Okna and Sunrise windows should you plan on shopping around some more, but you can certainly go with the Plygem.

Lance - Installer - 2012

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