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Weather Shield Windows Reviews

Read 6 Weather Shield windows reviews from installers and customers who know their products, customer service and window lines, series and models.

Average Rating: 6 out of 10.

Mixed Reviews On Weather Shields

I have found that WeatherShields tends to get mixed reviews. These used to be the Peachtree line which I was installing in the 1990's. Personally I would go with Kolbe or Marvin fiberglass windows. The newer windows these days have nailing flanges, some use a brick mold as well. I would recommend a brick mold if you want to ensure everything lines up correctly during installation.

Adrian - Contractor - 2013

Contractor Rating: 6 out of 10

Wood Window Options

It's difficult to give a true rating for windows since people have a mix of good and bad experiences with every window out there. Most reviewers like Marvin windows the best, particularly as a wood window option. Loewen is pretty good too as a window, but it often gets overlooked since they aren't as well-known. I like Andersen products, but I'm not a fan of Jeldwens, Weathershields and Eagles.

Phil - Installer - 2010

Consumer Rating: 5 out of 10

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WS vs Gorell & H Window

I live in Minneapolis and have received a few quotes to replace my home windows but I'm not sure how to compare the companies. We are replacing all of the sliding windows with casements. The options right now are H Window, which does an aluminum clad window, Gorell which is vinyl and Weathershield that does a fiberglass clad window. H window was the most, then Weathershield and finally Gorell.

Steve - Homeowner - 2013

Consumer Rating: NA

[Contractor Response]

Steve, you have three very different frame materials and three very different companies. Just off the top of my head I would say Gorell, which is now owned by Soft-Lite and produces good quality vinyl windows (perhaps a tad bulky). Weathershield makes a nice window, but their fiberglass clad window is not very attractive in my opinion (particularly the sash lift rail). I have never heard of H Window so I can't comment. I think you need to decide whether you want aluminum, fiberglass or vinyl frames and then get three comparable bids and go from there.

Wyatt - Contractor - 2013

Contractor Rating: 7 out of 10

WS vs Eagle

I want to replace 4 double hungs and 1 awning window and have been comparing Eagle windows with the Weathershield Signature Series. Both of these companies sell an aluminum clad with a nice wood interior. I would love to be able to afford Marvin, but it's out of my price range right now. The Eagle quote is $5700 and the Weathershield is $4400 (this includes windows and installation.)

Andy - Homeowner - 2011

Consumer Rating: NA

[Contractor Response]

I'd put the Eagle well above the Weathershield, which seems to have a hit or miss track record. Eagle is now owned by Andersen windows, which is one of the top manufacturers (I like their 400 series but it sounds like this would be out of your price range). Have you looked at the Marvin Integrity, which is fiberglass and has an interior wood option. This should be comparable or less expensive than the Eagle windows you mentioned.

Randy - Contractor - 2011

Contractor Rating: 6 out of 10

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