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Loewen Windows Reviews

Read Loewen windows reviews from installers and past customers who have experience with and know this company's products and customer service record. Check on Loewen window prices.

Loewen And Marvin

I've worked with Marvin as well as Loewen and I would recommend them. Loewen's company is small, so you can only go through a dealer to get them. Make sure that you get a good dealer so that the customer service experience is good too. Before you choose either one, it's a good idea to get price bids from each though so you can get the best deal for what you're looking for. Loewen and Marvin use very different wood, which is important to know if you want a specific type and quality. Loewen typically has Doug Fir - it will have more pattern, stain darker and has a harder build than pine. Marvin has Ponderosa Pine wood, making it lighter colored but nice looking. Pine has the disadvantage of rotting faster, which can be better protected by an extruded vinyl or aluminum. Loewen isn't known well enough, which is a downside, so if they ended up closing you'd be left without help for repairs and other services.

David – Installer – 2009

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Windows In NY

Your options are open in New York when you're looking for wood clad, fiberglass clad or vinyl windows. Once you have a good idea of what materials and feature you want, then the search begins. Sunrise, Simonton, Okna, SoftLite and Gorell windows are good choices for vinyl windows thanks to their pricing and quality level. Not many are fans of fiberglass, but the Infinity from Marvin is definitely the best without a doubt. Wood aren't very common anymore either, but Marvin, Pella or Loewen all make decent ones. RBA is a bad choice, since they are low quality even though they don't usually leak. That's a minimum requirement for windows, though, so it's not impressive.

Regis - Installer - 2009

Loewen vs. Marvin

I have both Loewen and Marvin windows in my house and I'm a fan of each. They have helped me save money over time since better quality windows last longer than cheaper ones that are only cheap because they use lousy materials. If anyone ever tried to get me to choose Hurd over Lowen, then I would just walk away - Loewen's are so much better.

Jay - Past Customer - 2009

Wood Window Options

It's difficult to give a true rating for windows since people have a mix of good and bad experiences with every window out there. Most reviewers like Marvin the best, particularly as a wood window option. Loewen is pretty good too as a window, but it often gets overlooked since they aren't as well-known. I like Andersen too, but I'm not a fan of Jeldwens, Weathershields and Eagles.

Phil - Installer - 2010

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Ordering Warning

I would only recommend getting Loewen with a warning in mind. Roughly 10 years ago we got custom doors and windows for our house during a renovation. It would have been great, except they kept getting out order wrong and sent us the wrong things several times. Once you get past that crazy mistake, the installation went smoothly. They've worked out great, I would just put a lot more pressure on the company to get what you ordered the first time.

Oliver - Past Customer - 2010

Expensive Replacement Parts

I had high hopes for my Loewen windows, but after some time they began to break. I was fine with this because things do happen, but when I went to get some cranks replaced on my casements only to discover that they are really expensive. $147 a piece! If I'd known about these ridiculous pricings for replacements, I wouldn't have gone with them.

Christy - Past Customer - 2010

Loewen Windows Reviews

Pricing for Loewens, Eagle, Kolbe and Marvins is very similar, but the quality differs a lot. Kolbe is the best made, followed by Eagle, then Loewen. Stay away from Jeldwen, because they are even worse than Loewen. Go with either Kolbe or Marvin, both are similar in price but better than the others. If you're on a budget that doesn't meet the price, I would wait and save up to get these instead of rushing into something that will be lower quality and have more problems.

Michael - Installer - 2012

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