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Loewen Windows Prices

Loewen windows prices start at $1000 and top out at $1800 installed on a double hung. They are one of the most expensive windows on the market; even their base model is usually over $1000. As far as wood clad windows, they are widely considered to be one of the best brands out there. Loewen doesn't make inserts, as most homeowners paying that much would rather pay for a fully integrated window and avoid the hassle of a poor retrofit. Find Loewen windows reviews here.

Overall Price Range: $1,000 to $1,800 installed

Standard Wood Series

Loewen's Standard wood window comes in a variety of styles, including bays and bows, awnings, casements, pictures, double hungs, transom and specialty models. The homeowner can choose from either a Mahogany or Douglas Fir interior. The exterior is clad with extruded aluminum and has a Kunar finish, with plenty of colors to choose from. The standard glass package is the Low-E2, but there are additional options available.

Standard Wood Pricing

StormForce Collection

The StormForce Collection starts very similar to the Standard line, but has a variety of features to make it more durable. The window has a DP50 rating and utilizes laminated glass and high end glazing and seals. Designed to meet the codes of coastal areas that expect hurricanes and tropical storms, the wood frame has several structural upgrades.

Stormforce Prices

Cyprium Collection

Like the Standard line, the Cyprium has either a Douglas fir or mahogany interior. The sash and frame have several customization options. The most significant differences is the exterior cladding, which in the Cyprium is either bronze or copper. There are several different patinas to choose from as well. The alternative metals give it a more elegant look than the more common aluminum cladding. In addition to the standard awning, casement, and picture window, it comes in a variety of specialty shapes. Like other top of the line windows, you want to make sure you get a quality installer to do it justice.

Cyprium Costs

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