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Renewal By Andersen Windows Reviews

Read Renewal By Andersen windows reviews from experts and fellow consumers for to discover if this is the right window option for your home improvement project.

Customer Complaint

I got 10 windows from RBA, each costing about $1200. There were so many issues with them after they were installed. We had some weatherstripping come loose when we went to open our casement window for the first time. A lock won't work on one double hung, while another is stuck shut. That makes for 3 worthless windows out of 10. That's just disappointing. If you're going to say you're the best, then you should have quality windows to go with the high price. They should be decent at the very least.

Aimee - Past Customer - Pennsylvania - 2009

RBA Review

I need to replace at least 25 windows in my house, all of them double casements. I initially checked out RBA, but I couldn't match the price they had. Since then, I've received two more estimates with different contractors. One will install Andersens, while the other can install Hurds that are aluminum clad. They would both cost about $30,000, so I'm still not sure what to go with. There have been some bad a reviews for Hurd, but I happen to trust the contractor who suggested it. Any advice?

Zane - Past Customer - 2009

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Renewals By Andersen

I had 14 RBA windows installed in our California home last year. We went from slider windows to double hungs. I got bids from a number of places, like Andersen, Marvin, Pella and RBA. There was a significant difference for RBA's windows compared to the others, which was a surprise. It seems the $5k higher cost was only possible for them because of issues with egress. There were plenty of discounts that lowered the price by approx. $2k. They still cost quite a bit, but we had a good install and they came on time too. They look good, plus the noise pollution is lower. I think it was worth the price.

Brandie - Past Customer - California - 2009

RBA Installer Review

RBA's quality is good, plus they have custom work done for each order. It's important that you get a good quality installer here, because that is the one thing standing between you and a great performing window no matter the quality of the window. Since RBA is a franchised company, you'll get different installation and service quality levels from one franchise to another. You'll often get an insanely high price when you first walk into these places, which they will then start lowering with discounts or special offers. These offers only go if you sign right then and there, though, which is how they pressure you into making a decision. They get people like that, which is why they continue doing it, but it's a low move in my opinion and you don't have to sign. Learn more about how to get the best window estimate.

Donald - Industry Professional - 2010

Poor Estimate Process

I had a RBA salesman come out and right off the bat I was turned off by his low sale's tactics. I was really unsure about the whole thing before he even arrived because of the time he said it would take (90 min.) and the fact that he wanted me and my wife present. The pitch was really long, and then we got a $15k quote for a total of 12 windows, double hung. We informed him that the price was higher than we wanted and we planned on talking to 2 more reps before deciding. He got pretty upset, oddly enough, and then started on the discounts. He tried to pressure us with a $2k discount that would only work if we signed then and there. I turned down the offer, intending to get the other estimates first, and he got more upset. It was both strange and disturbing.

Tim - Past Customer - New Jersey - 2010

RBA Ratings& Quality

Even though I already signed RBA's contract at a franchise here in Minnesota, I've decided to back out of the deal after looking up some more information about them. They might have an A rating in BBB, but there have been 7 complaints about them within last year. If that A was really earned, 7 complaints wouldn't have happened. You'll see a lot of reviews on Angie's List that speak the truth about issues and a diminishing of service in recent times. They've changed the design of their windows too, to something that I didn't really like and has plenty of issues apparently. I might have friends who got RBA, but since seeing those complaints online I've been hestitant. If they cost so much, they should also have a great service .

Anthony - Past Customer - Minnesota - 2010

RBA and Alside Windows

We had windows from Sheffield Alside installed in our Colorado home last year. We had lost of air leakage just after a few measly months, which was an especially bad thing with the cold winter air outside coming in. In the end, we might as well have left the old windows in even though they were 20 years old. I'm not sure if the installation was bad or if we should blame this on Alside windows. So far, the installer hasn't been good when it comes to customer service since he hasn't come out to check out the problem. Our neighbors have had some of their windows for about the same amount of time. They decided to go with Renewal by Andersen, which hasn't had the problems we've had.

Oliver - Past Customer - Colorado - 2010

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RBA Review

Since RBA is franchised, you can run into some issues. The service level depends on a good franchise, not Andersen itself. For those who want to work directly with Andersen, this is going to be a problem. Then again, some prefer a franchisee if they are attentive to their customers because that smaller branch allows for a better focus on individual needs. Unfortunately, this is a rare case. A lot of the time, you'll go in expecting the reputation that comes with the brand name but encounter low quality service. This is a shame because their windows are good quality, both the vinyl and their wood. They even have custom work. You'll encounter inconsistent pricing, however.

Leonard - Installer - 2012

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