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Sliding Windows Prices & Costs

Horizontal sliding window prices will run $225 to $750 fully installed for a normal sized opening. (larger sliders can certainly be more expensive). Find cost estimates and recommended manufacturers at several different price points. Horizontal sliders open by sliding one of the window panes sideways along a fixed track, thereby allowing half of the glass area to be opened. Sliding windows do not offer the best energy efficiency option as say a double or single hung window ( and typically not quite as expensive), but are great options for bedroom window where you want lots of light and an easy way to open them up for ventilation.

Price Range: $225 to $750 Installed

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Cost For A Sliding Window Itself

Entry Level: $125 to $150

Entry level sliding windows are usually offered in a lower to mid ranged vinyl frame and you can get them at many retail stores including Home Depot or Lowes. While you may be limited on the features and color options available when buying entry level replacement windows, you may be offered glass with a fill but a higher U and R value.

Mid Range: $150 to $350

The standard options often come with a choice of frame materials including uPVC, higher quality vinyl or composite. In the majority of cases you will also be offered a low-E glass with an argon fill in a double pane.

High End: $350 to $600

Higher end sliding windows come two frame options, you can choose from the wooden interior with fiberglass exterior cladding or the wood option. These windows are usually offered by the higher end manufacturers and in some cases the middle ranged manufacturers. Either way you will still be offered triple or double paned glass that is foam insulated, highly energy efficient and filled.

Cost To Install The Window

Sliding windows prices for installation range from $40 to $250 per window. These prices are determined by the amount of work required. As you can imagine a simple replacement will cost a minimal amount for installation while a larger job that requires sill and trim replacement and opening changes will cost considerably more. For additional pricing info, try our window replacement cost estimator.

Price Range: $40 to $250 per window

Installed Sliding Window Cost

Entry Level: $225 to $350

Buget window costs for sliders start at $115 and top out at $300 for each installed window.

Popular Manufacturers
Crestline 200 Series
Alside Sheffield Series
Ply Gem Contractor Series

Mid Range: $350 to $550

mid range windows costs for sliders start at $300 and top out at $500 for each installed window.

Popular Manufacturers
Okna 400 Series
Milgard Ultra Series
Champion Windows

High End: $550 to $750

High end windows costs for sldiers start at $500 and top out at $750 for each installed window.

Popular Manufacturers
Andersen 400 Series
Marvin Ultimate Series
Loewen Standard Series

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