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Milgard Windows Prices

Milgard windows prices start at $400 and top out at $1500. While not considered the best window company, the West Coast company produces a solid, reliable window. They aren't available on the East Coast anymore, but can be found in most other parts of the country. They tend to get good reviews for both their product and customer service. For general pricing, use our window cost estimator. Click to read all of the Milgard windows reviews.

Overall Price Range: $400 to $1,500 installed

Styleline Series

Milgard's lowest price window is the Styleline. The frame is fairly thin with uneven sightlines, giving it a larger glass area and a distinct style. The locking mechanism is slightly elevated. The Styleline does not include a vent lock or weep hole covers. It isn't as energy efficient as the Tuscany, but it's a good choice for smaller openings or tight budgets. A good choice for a budget window that is comparable to the Simonton 5050 or the newer Assure Series or Anline Monte Verde in terms of price and quality.

Styleline Pricing

Tuscany Series

The Tuscany is Milgard's most popular window. It usually runs around 10% more than the Styleline, largely because of the increased energy efficiency. Even sightlines give it a classic look. The frame is thicker and sturdier than on the Styleline, and it has better locks. Other upgrades include vent stops, a slightly wider Intercept aluminum spacer, and a better screen. The Tuscany includes glass breakage on its warranty provisions. It has a U-value of 0.29 and an SHGC of 0.21. When you opt for the 3D Max glass package, the Tuscany is similar to Simonton's 7300 with the Daylight Max option.

Tuscany Window Costs

Ultra Series

The Ultra features a fiberglass frame and is often compared to the Marvin Integrity and Infinity. The interior doesn't look as good as Marvin's everwood veneer, but it is real wood. Their warranty is good and they really stand behind their windows. The Ultra is a step down in terms of price and quality, but is perhaps most similar to the Marvin Integrity window.

Ultra Series Prices

Quiet Line Series

The Quiet Line is designed to reduce exterior sounds. An STC of 46 is in the same range as a recording studio. The frame is definitely bulky, as is the glass, which helps the window block out a ton of outside sounds and noises. In terms of a soundproof window, it gets high marks, but comes with a hefty price tag. Other soundproof window options inlcude the Amsco Serenity Series.

Quiet Line Cost

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