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HiMark Windows Reviews

Explore HiMark windows reviews from past customers and installers who have worked with this window manufacturer in the past. Click to see HiMark window prices.

HiMark v Harvey

I'm unsure what to make of the estimate price I received. I'm looking for 21 colonial grid, capped windows with all the features. It's going to cost me a lot, so I want the best deal possible. The estimates are as follows: Harvey Classics ($550), Simonton 5500s ($500), Okna DX400 ($585) and HiMarks DX800 ($630). Which one should I go with?

Jeremiah - Past Customer - 2014

[Contractors Reply]

I think I would go with the HiMarks. The HiMarks800 is better than 400, but both would be better than the others. They are better in terms of design, appearance, manufacturing, energy efficiency, etc. If you decide not to go with them though, then Simonton should be the next choice. If you plan on living with these windows for some time, I'd go with the HiMarks though.

Richard - Installer - 2014

HiMark vs Vytex

I have 2 quotes so far - Vytex Fortis/Prodigy w/ SDLs for $7,200. The other for the HiMark Okna 800 windows w/ SDLs for $8750. The Oknas seem slightly better but I'm wondering if they are worth $1600 more than the Vytex? The installers both seem very competent and thorough so I think that is on a level playing field.

Dave - Homeowner - 2013

Consumer Rating: 8 out of 10

[Contractor Response]

Both of these window models are quite good. The Fortis is no match for the 800 though. The Okna 500 might be a better comparison (their mid range option) and still probably beats out the Fortis, although the 500 Series does not offer the SDL. The DP and AI ratings on the HiMark will be superior to the Vytex. As far as how the windows look, the 800 typically has metal hardware and the Vytex uses a plastic. I really think it comes down to price, if it were me I would pay the extra money and get the 800 model.

Wyatt - Installer - 2013

Cotractor Rating: 7 out of 10

Confusing Branding

I recently went with HiMark 800 windows because they have the full screen. Once I made my way through their branding and got to the reality of it, they weren't completely honest. I found additional charges for paint, grids and TP, don't go on what the branding says, check first and you'll be surprised, you only get the real price when you ask for it. Now the confusion also comes in where the EnviroStar is also the 800 series, all pretty tiresome to be honest. Sunrise wasn't much better when it came to their branding, I found it amusing that the Sunrise dealers were confused between Vanguard and Verde.

John – Consumer – from 2013

400 or 800 – Which Do I Choose?

I am in the process of replacing some windows and are torn between the Okna window model 800DX and 400DX. The 800 is obviously more expensive, but is it worth the extra money? Both appear to be nice looking and solid. Advice will be appreciated.

Rob - Consumer - from 2013

[Installer Response]

Both are quality windows, the 800 is definitely an improvement over the 400 series in terms of performance and appeal. I would recommend you pay the little extra for the better quality window.

Mark - Installer - from 2013

[Second Installer Response]

In my personal opinion the 400 is a poorer choice over the 800. I understand price plays an important role and the difference between the two will probably be the deciding factor for you. Maybe have a look at their 500 series. The 400 falls into some of the top windows available, so either way you aren't making a bad decision.

Howie - Installer - from 2013

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Good Quality Windows

What many people don't realize is that HiMark is part of Okna. Okna has a stellar reputation throughout the country and the HiMark range are some of the best vinyl windows available right now. I have worked with Vista for six years and we sell a range of windows including Panorama, which is considered a budget option.

Vista, in my personal opinion, are much better than any window you will purchase from your local department store. In fact I would compare Vista to Simonton, the prices are even similar. The Vistas probably fall between the Simonton 5050 and 5500 series. These are such popular windows in my particular areas with builders and installers because they are an appealing price without the headache.

Dwayne - Installer - from 2012

Window Advice

I am busy putting my quotes together for replacement windows in my home which is a 1957 house. My main criteria are quality double hung windows. They must have grids and a double pane. I don't want to pay a fortune, but at the same time I want decent NFRC ratings. I haven't purchased replacement windows before and now have to decide between the HiMark, SoftLite Imperial Classic, Affinity Energex or ViWinco. Any advice is appreciated.

Rob - Consumer - from 2012

[Installers Response]

I would recommend either the HiMark or Soft-Lite for your project. Both have exceptional performance numbers. The Energex is a good window, while the Okna/HiMark 800DX is one of the best windows in my personal opinion.

Billy - Installer - from 2012

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HiMark or Simonton

I am busy replacing twenty one windows in my property. Each have colonial grids, include capping and are white replacement windows. I have two quotes, the first is the HiMark, the DX400 and the DX800. My final quote was Simonton 5500 Series. I could really do with some advice on which is the better option.

John - Consumer - from 2010

[Installer Response]

When it comes to the HiMark, I would recommend the 800 over the 400 based on design and structural appeal. The Simonton 5500 are decent windows and also a good choice.

Rob - Installer - from 2010

[Second Response]

I must say Rob has given you a good answer. I am also a firm believer that the HiMark is the best option you have there. HiMark windows are visually appealing, but you may also want to have a look at some of the other good ranges available including the Marvin Ultimate. HiMark and SoftLite Imperial LS are both top contenders when it comes to vinyl windows.

Todd - Installer - from 2010

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