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Harvey Windows Prices

Harvey windows prices start at $375 and top out at $600. A mid-range window manufacturer, they are respected in the industry for a solid product and good customer service. Based in the Northeast, they are most commonly seen in that region. They get consistently good reviews and their products are reasonably priced. Click to see all of our Harvey windows reviews.

Overall Price Range: $375 to $600 installed

Slimline Series

Harvey's entry level window is the Slimline. The frame is a touch thinner than other models, allowing for decent sightlines and a larger glass area. The thin frame isn't really strong enough for larger openings, however. It has an STC of 28. It's a good option for smaller windows, but for larger openings homeowners should consider upgrading to the Tribute or Classic Series. A good comparison to say a Vinylmax Easton or Hyde Park window.

Slimline Pricing

Classic Series

Harvey's mid-grade product is the Classic. Many contractors consider this to be the best value on Harvey windows. It features block & tackle for opening and has a larger glass area than the Tribute, but less than the Slimline. The Classic has a DP of 35, U-value of 0.32, STC of 28, air infiltration of 0.14 and an SHGC of 0.30, all respectable numbers. Comparable to the Ply Gem Premium Series.

Harvey Classic Costs

Tribute Series

The Tribute is Harvey's top tier vinyl product. It is similar to the Simonton 5500, and many contractors think it's better, albeit with a bulky frame that adds to its strength but takes away from it aesthetically. The U-value of 0.30 and a DP30 rating aren't spectacular, but are decent numbers. It has a triple pane glass package upgrade available that can lower those numbers significantly.

Harvey Tribute Prices

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