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Vytex Windows Reviews

Read 9 Vytex windows reviews from homeowners and contractors who have used their products in the past. Explore Vytex windows prices here.

Vytex vs. HiMark

I have 2 quotes so far - Vytex Fortis/Prodigy w/ SDLs for $7,200. The other for the HiMark Okna 800 windows w/ SDLs for $8750. The Oknas seem slightly better but I'm wondering if they are worth $1600 more than the Vytex? The installers both seem very competent and thorough so I think that is on a level playing field.

Dave - Homeowner - 2013

[Contractor Response]

Both of these window models are quite good. The Fortis is no match for the 800 though. The Okna 500 might be a better comparison (their mid range option) and still probably beats out the Fortis, although the 500 Series does not offer the SDL. The DP and AI ratings on the HiMark will be superior to the Vytex. As far as how the windows look, the 800 typically has metal hardware and the Vytex uses a plastic. I really think it comes down to price, if it were me I would pay the extra money and get the 800 model.

Wyatt - Installer - 2013

Vytex vs Simonton

I'm trying to do a bunch of research on windows for my home and the contractor we are considering mentioned two brands; the Heritage from Vytec and the 5500 from Simonton. I was wondering how these compared to one another? Thanks.

Tim - Consumer - 2012

[Contractor Response]

I wouldn't go with the Vytex Heritage, but I would definitely consider the Fortis, which is their upgraded top-of-the-line model. The 5500 from Simonton is nice also, but doesn't compare with the Fortis, although I might put it slightly above the Heritage model. You may want to keep searching for additional brands - Sunrise and Okna are two that come to mind, especially if you are on the East coast, which it sounds like you are.

Matt - Installer - 2012

Vytex vs Simonton

I am currently deciding between the Simonton prism bronze and the Vytex Georgetown series, which were both suggested to us from our contractor, although I have no idea how they compare to one other. The Simonton prison bronze has a U factor of .30 and SHGC of .24 this is without grits, while the Vytex Georgetown gets a .29 U factor and .29 SHGC again with no grids.

I was curious how these companies stack up against one another in terms of quality and also customer service. I have both of their brochures, but of course, all of the features seem pretty standard to me. Pricewise, the Simonton option for nine windows would run about $300 more so is Simonton worth the extra cost?

Dave - Homeowner - from 2011

[Contractor Response]

The Vytex Georgetown is the companies slimline frame window, I believe the frame is 2 3/4 inch wide. In all honesty, the Georgetown series is going to be slightly worse than the Simonton bronze. Is it worth an additional $300, I would say it is, for the simple reason that Simonton is a much bigger operation, has much better distribution, and getting parts down the road is going to be a heck of a lot easier.

Vytex v Soft-Lite & Sunrise

I'm having trouble deciding on both my windows and the installer. I need 13 windows, that much I know, and I've come down to three choices. There's Sunrise Vanguard at $8233 (good warranty), Soft-lite Elements at $7446 and Simonton Generations at $6908. I also got a quote for Vytex Heritage at $8590 but they don't seem promising thanks to the problematic warranty with tons of exclusions. I'm fully aware of the importance of a competent installer, but I'm not sure what to go with now. They have different installation methods with different ways of sealing up air gaps. Sunrise's installer told me that good measurements mean no gaps and adding anything would just distort the frame. Meanwhile, Softlite's installer uses a foam/fiberglass kind of insulation while Vytex's guy sprays something non-expanding.

Kyle - Past Customer - 2010

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Vytex vs. Wincore

I just received two quotes for window replacements. The first is for Wincore 5400 windows, which is eighty percent higher in price than the other quote, which is for the Vytex Fortis windows. I have seen samples for both and I can't see much difference between the two, other than the price. I am looking for mid-range windows that offer quality so any advice on these two windows is appreciated. The prices I received are only for two windows and I was wondering if the price increase on the Wincore is installation more than anything else

Sandy - Homeowner - from 2012

[Contractor Response]

I would go with the Vytex Fortis if I were you. They offer good performance numbers and are overall a good design. I wouldn't compare them to the Wincore window. The Vytex come with a foam filled frame, good spacers and composite reinforcements.

Andy - Contractor - from 2012

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