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Sunrise Windows Prices

Sunrise windows prices starts at about $55 per square foot and tops out at $85 per square foot installed. They have quite a few options and upgrades available, and they can easily drive the price up by $100 or more. They consistently produce high quality windows and offer solid customer service. For more information, check out our Sunrise windows reviews.

Overall Price Range: $55 to $85 per sq ft installed

Sunrise Essentials Window Prices

The Sunrise Essentials Series is their most basic model. With a good glass package, it has good performance numbers for a low-budget window. The extrusion and sash design are different from the other Sunrise models, so it isn't as durable. The colors and styles are more limited, as well, with only a double hung, slider, and picture window available. It does well in smaller openings, but the frame isn't as good for larger openings as their upgraded models. You can expect to find a U-value of 0.30, air infiltration around 0.10, and a visible transmittance rate of 0.56. Compare this model to Masters Grande Series from Amerimax - find more Amerimax windows prices here.

Sunrise Essentials Pricing

Sunrise Standard Costs

The Sunrise Standard Series has a better extrusion than the Essentials, but it doesn't have all of the advanced features that the higher priced windows do. The tile lock buttons on the sash aren't integrated and have to be activated separately. It is also lacking the fiberglass sash reinforcement. It does come on more colors and styles than the Essentials and it has several glass packages to choose from. Compare it to the Okna 400 and Soft-Lite Classic.

Sunrise Series Prices

Sunrise Verde Window Costs

The Sunrise Verde Series is similar to the Sunrise with some upgraded features. The extrusion has a foal filled chamber and the Verde frame is surrounded by a foam wrap. In addition to Solar Clean glass, their limited lifetime warranty includes a glass breakage provision. The U-value is 0.28 and the SHGC is 0.21. Compare this model to the popular Gorell 5300 Series.

Verde Costs

Sunrise Vanguard Windows Prices

Like the Verde, the Sunrise Vanguard Series takes the Standard frame and upgrades some features. It has a Fibercore reinforced sash for added strength. The lever lock is recessed, giving it a cleaner look, but the tilt buttons are still separate. Compare this model to Soft Lite Imperial LS.

Sunrise Vanguard Price

Sunrise Restorations Windows Costs

The Sunrise Restorations Series is the top offering from Sunrise. A Fibercore reinforced vertical sash and meeting rail come standard. The tilt sash mechanism is integrated for one hand operation. It also includes a Max Edge spacer, foam filled chambers, and a high transparency screen. The frame and sash are narrow, giving it a large glass area and clean lines. Many home owners think it looks like a real wood window. The U-value is 0.28 and the AI is around 0.04. Compare this model to the Himark 800 Series.

Sunrise Restorations Cost

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