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Viwinco Windows Reviews

Browse Viwinco windows reviews and discover what consumers and contractors think of these window series and models, as well as their customer service. For additional information, see our Viwinco windows prices.

Builder Grade Windows

Viwinco specializes in builder grade windows that are often sold to builders who are looking for a low end window to throw into their projects to save on money. These guys are sometimes called pick up truck contractors that go to Lowes or Home Depot and grab the low end vinyl windows for their clients. The problem is that for most homeowners it's nearly impossible to look at two vinyl windows side by side and understand the differences between them. It's the same if someone who knew nothing about cars tried to choose - they are both shiny and look good to the eye, but there could be considerably differences between them. I would be wary of any contractor or company who was pushing Viwinco as a top brand. They are fine for rentals or flip properties but not for your home that you plan to live in for the next twenty years.

Bill - Installer - from 2012

Viwinco vs Atrium & WW

I have 3 price quotes so far for a large picture window. I've decided against the Window World bid just because I've heard some dicey things about their operation. So my other two quotes are from a local guy who wants to put in an Atrium 8300 vinyl window for $1570 installed. The last one is a general contractor who wants to put in a Viwinco Pro Builder for $1200 installed.

John - Consumer - 2011

[Contractor Response]

To be honest, I can't get super excited about either of those (and am glad that you decided against the Window World already). Viwinco seems to have lots of warranty complaints, but certainly price their windows low (one of the reasons they are able to do it). The Atrium model is better, but just by a bit. If you want to stick with vinyl, I would suggest Gorell, Sunrise, Okna or even Simonton.

Gerry - Contractor - 2011

Viwinco v Silverline & MI

Viwinco are low end windows when it comes to performance and engineering, they are the same as Silverline and MI Windows. Installers need to take the time to get to know about the windows available in their area, many of them just accept what is sold in their area and often install cheap products.

Anyone who intend living in their home for years to come should look at the high end range of windows, this includes HiMark, Okna and Sunrise. You may find the quote similar to what you already received. These windows are visually appealing and durable.

Take the factors into consideration you want a DP rating of 50 or more, a U-factor of 0.28 or less and an air leakage rate of .07 or less. Remember installation also plays a very important role.

Brian - Contractor - 2006

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