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Atrium Windows Prices

Atrium windows prices start at $250 and top out at $600. Not only do they make and sell their own line of windows, but they also manufacture several lines that are relabeled and sold by other brands such as Reliabilt Windows. The customer reviews are widely varied. Some love the product and the customer service, while others are not fans. A 2010 bankruptcy was a sort of turning point. The service seems to be more consistent and the product more reliable. Like any window sold through a dealer, it's important to buy through someone with a good reputation. Browse Atrium windows reviews.

Overall Price Range: $250 to $600 installed

Viewpoint Series

The Viewpoint, made by Atrium, is sold under the Norandex label. The AI is decent and the U-value is mediocre, similar to the Silverline 8500 or 9500. Although there are three different lines available, they are all builder quality windows.

Viewpoint Pricing

Reliabilt 3300 Series

Atrium produces this line for Reliabilt. With a 0.12 air infiltration rating and a U-factor of 0.28, good but not spectacular numbers. It is comparable in both price and quality to the Milgard Styleline.

Reliabilt 3300 Costs

Vanguard 6000 Series

Sold by American Window Systems, this window has similar features and pricing to the Catalina Series produced by Anlin. The U-factor is around 0.30, and the air infiltration is 0.19. Those are solid but unexciting ratings. Find additonal price estimates on replacement windows here.

Vanguard 6000 Prices

8700 Series (Reliabilt 3500 Series)

Atrium manufactures the 8700 for Ellison. A mid-range vinyl window, there is limited information available about it. Although the quality is uncertain, the features and price are similar to the Okna 400 Series.

8700 Series Cost

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