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Atrium Windows Reviews

Explore Atrium windows reviews from installers and homeowners who have experience with their window models, series and customer service. Try our window replacement cost calculator for more pricing. For company cost information, see our page on Atrium windows prices.

Atrium Window Issues

I went to Lowes and got 10 Atrium windows from them. Even though it seemed like I was paying a lot for the installation, I figured that it would be worth and that the windows would be great. I was very wrong though, since it was less than a month later that we started having issues. Lowes and Atrium were no help. It took a long time until we could finally get someone to come out from Atrium. He said that the problem was from the installation. When Lowes took a look, they said it was humidity. We've got mold around the windows, condensation and a terrible draft. That's not just a humidity issue! We've been going back and forth for months with these people, and they just keep pointing fingers elsewhere without really fixing anything. I'm never going back to Lowes or Atrium again.

2010 - Barry - Contractor

Different Windows Levels

You can choose from many different window levels with Atrium. The cheapest one is the builder grade. If you want mid-grade, it's the most easily accessible at hardware/home improvement stores, while you have to go through a dealer in order to get premium. I recommend the premium grade windows, particularly their 890 patio doors or the 2000 Series windows. You might come across the occasional complaint in forums, but that's mostly for the lower quality 200 anyway. You'll rarely hear anything bad about the premium line. I've been selling those for years now, along with Kolbe, Milgard and Andersen, among others. Atrium is probably the best deal out of them. Steer clear of the lower end windows. All lower end, no matter the brand, tends to be crap. You're going to be happier with a premium window, which lasts longer, looks great and won't give you a headache with the maintenance required.

2010 - Harold - Window Dealer

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Riverside Window Replacement Question

I've been thinking about replacing the windows in my Riverside County, CA home. The budget is a little tight, but I need something durable and nice enough for my home. I've come across several bad reviews for all kinds of windows since my search started. I've seen both good and bad things said about Atrium as well as Madison and Alpine windows. I know my budget doesn't allow for much, but I still want something decent. Can anyone suggest a site that has ratings and comparison for windows?

2010 - Regina - Customer


An Average Window Product

Atrium isn't premium, but it's an above average window product. They definitely rank higher than the other ones you mentioned. Check out Superior and GreenWorld while you're at it, too, since they have decent pricing and the warranties are great. I'm afraid I don't know of any resources that compare ratings like you want.

2010 - Neal - Installer

Atrium and American Craftsman Comparison

I'm not a fan of either Jeld-Wen (all of them) or the American Craftsman 8500. Neither of them have the quality to pass. Go for the American Craftsman 9500 at Home Depot if you're going to try there. It's a better quality, though only by a little. Atrium is a better choice, better quality and better warranty. The Atrium 3000 is decent and you'll get a great deal with the warranty, which even covers glass breaks. If you have the budget for it, Simonton is a more expensive option as well.

2009 - Trent - Builder

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Happy Customer

I don't understand why there are so many bad reviews of these windows. I haven't found anyone better. They are a great price and ours have lasted 6 years, still looking great and with not problems. They still have a good and smooth glide, still keep the wind out. My friend has had their Milgard windows about as long as we have, and the colors wearing off. You might think that the price is a little too high for these windows, but it's worth it when you don't have to spend money years later on damages and problems. These will last and aren't as troublesome as other brands.

2008 - Joshua - Past Customer

Atrium v Reliabilt

From my experience installing Atrium windows and Reliabilts that come out of the NC plant, I would say that these windows are good quality. The delivery time is pretty decent too, and you get excellent customer services too. There is a limit to the glass options, unfortunately, but they have good options for my southeast location. Check to see if your windows qualify for tax credit too. Atrium isn't the highest grade, but somewhere in the middle with decent quality and pricing.

Brady - Installer - 2007

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