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Silverline Windows Reviews

Discover Silverline windows reviews from installers, past customers and more experts who understand the pros and cons of their products and customer service.

SilverLine's 8500 Window Series

The SilverLine 8500 windows are just overpriced, which is what turns people off from them. They would be better if sold at a lower price to match the quality level, but they've upped the price to make it seem like it's a higher quality that it actually is. Softlite or the Gorell windows would be better.

Daemon - Installer - 2009

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Good Installer Review

I have my fair share of experience with Silverlines. Some people say that they can fall apart within a year or two, but I haven't encountered any issues like that. You shouldn't go with 1200, but with the 9500 you'd get a good deal since it's better and similar in cost. The biggest issue is that Silverline offers cheap products, which also means installation that's cheap. When I've installed them, however, there's been no problem .

Terrance - Installer - 2010

9500 Series and Alside's Excalibur

I need some window replacements soon. What are the opinions on Silverline 9500 or the Alside Excalibur? Is there anything else I should consider?

Warren - Past Customer - 2010

[Contractors Reply]

Those are okay choices for a rental or a house flip, but you probably don't want them in a house you're going to be living in for a while. Go with something like Simonton, Great Lakes or PGT. Those are much better choices. If you are still set on getting either, then choose the 9500. It's better.

Josh - Installer - 2010

Poor Quality

You won't get a good quality with the Silverlines. There are much better options out there that have similar costs. Pretty much anything is better than Silverline, in my opinion.

Colin - Installer - 2010

Silverline and Gorell

Between Gorell and Silverlines, I would choose the Gorells any day. Gorell lasts longer, so the slightly higher price is worth it. Go with Gorell or choose something similar.

Dave - Installer - 2010

Silverline, Alside & PGT

I need some vinyl window replacements for my central Florida home. I've been looking for a while and have 4 quotes now from Silverline 2900, Simonton 5500, PGT 2200 and Alside Excalibur. All of them except for the Simonton were about $29000. Simontons was around $5k more.

Larry - Past Customer - 2010

[Contractor Reply]

Excalibur and Silverline are not the best in that list, so I wouldn't even consider them. Simonton's 5500 is fine, while the PGT window is pretty decent. The PGT has 4'' framing with exterior flanges. Simonton is similar to the PGT, but PGT happens to have better numbers in DP and their AI. They get sold a lot, so they're pretty popular.

Dudley - Installer - 2010

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Silverline Window Reviewer

I've had Silverline 8000-8500 windows in my house for 12 years now. We got 28 installed, all of them double hungs with tons of features, low-e coating and argon fill. Our decision was based on quality more than price, since they salesman said these were the best out there. Unfortunately, we shouldn't have gone on that alone, because they had some issues within the next few years. Sashes had to be replaced from the start. The rubber seal has leaked, letting the argon gas through and streaking the glass. Pieces have started to dry out and break, so keeping them in their tracks has been difficult. They do honor their warranty, but the way in which they approach it is ridiculous. They replace sashes (lower and upper) separately when they could do them together.The fit gets all strange and we end up with lots of drafts, with upper sashes that fall. I've contacted customer service so many times and I'm ready to just give up. I might as well replace them.

Howie - Past Customer - 2012

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