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PGT Windows Reviews

Browse PGT windows reviews and discover what past customers and professional installers think of their products and customer service. For pricing information, check out PGT windows prices on all of their most popular models and series, including the 2200, 2300, 400, WinGuard, 2700 and 2800 impact window series.

Editor's PGT Window Review

PGT Windows And Doors are best known for their impact vinyl and aluminum windows. They have a big presence throughout Florida, so if you do live in the state, you should be able to find a distributor or rep who services your area. The company makes quite a few models (not nearly as confusing as what's offered from their main competitor, Custom Window Systems, which has a model number for every style of window known to man.)

In general, the company manufactures quality impact windows and doors. PGT windows customer service tends to get some knocks against it from unsatisfied customers who point to a lack of responsiveness in fulfilling orders and getting them done right, but these may be isolated cases.

Bottom Line: If you live in Florida and need impact windows, you should definitely get a bid from PGT on one or several of their hurricane windows. Make sure to ask the local distributor about pricing (obviously), but also about any issues they've had over the years with ordering and how they handled it. Are they confident that the company is going to step up if there is a mix up, etc.? You want to have a comfortable feeling about the person who is ordering and installing the windows, just in case anything doesn't go according to plan.

PGT Vinyl Windows

I need to get vinyl window replacements, and it seems like I've looked at hundreds of places. I think that I've narrowed it down now to Gorell 5300 or PGT 2300. I can't tell which one is better. They each seem nice to me, they have good installers and everything, but Gorell is going to cost more. I have to replace a lot of windows (18 reg, 4 sliders), so it's going to cost a bit. I want to get good windows, but also a great deal. I would love some info on e-rating, warranty options and stability.

Terry - Past Customer - 2010

[Contractors Reply]

I would get the PGT if the price difference is that much. I have experience with them, though you might not hear much about them from others since they are a small company. Their product is good, built well and gets sold more than Simontons in my experience. We just did a job that required 37 PGT windows to be installed, and all of them went in well without rough welding or defects noticed. We had to replace a broken glass and scratched screen once, but that was all fixed up quickly with the company. They don't have the best numbers, but you get good windows, a good company and some good pricing.

Samuel - Installer - 2010

[2nd Contractors Response]

I've never worked with PGT personally, but others have said nice things about them. I do have plenty of experience with Gorells, though, and I think you'd be satisfied with them too. You can't overlook the price difference though if PGT is as good as they say.

Jeff - Installer - 2010

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PGT 2300 Windows

I'm a big fan of PGT's 2300. The only downside to them is the lack of a wood grain for the interior. I've sold plenty of these windows over the years when there was the NC factory. There was only one order that had any issues, but that was taken care of pretty quickly and the customer was happy in the end.

Travis - Industry Installer - 2010

PGT Windows vs Simonton

I live in the central Florida area and need vinyl windows for my home. I've received three quotes, all around the same price except one. Simonton 5500, Silverline 8500, Alside Excalibur and PGT 2200. It was about $29000 for the first ones and $5k more for the Simonton.

Miles - Past Customer - 2010

[Contractors Reply]

I would take Silverline and Alside Excalibur out of your list right away since they can't compare to the others. Simonton 500 is a nice window, while PGT's window is nice with a 4'' frame and flange on the exterior. There are some similarities between that and the Simonton, but PGT has better AI and DP numbers. PGT gets sold more than the others I sell.

Darrius - Installer - 2010

PGT vs Sunrise Windows

PGT's are nice, but I wish that they made triple panes. Sunrise is similar, but I like the look of PGT more. Sunrise does have a great MaxEdge spacer, though. So, between that and the similar rating numbers you could be happy with either. The pricing and installation would ultimate decide which one you go with.

Ethan - Installer - 2010

PGT 2300 vs Softlite

The AI ratings for PGT 2300 and the SoftLites are pretty similar around .05 rating. I sell plenty of the PGT and Gorell as an installer, but I've sold more PGT since they are less expensive. That doesn't make Gorells bad, of course, and I like their glass packages. The Gorell triple pane offers some great energy savings especially.

Tyler - Installer - 2010

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PGT Laminated Glass

With PGT windows, you get glass laminated with the manufacturer, which is done really well too. Some will be outsourced, though. Simonton receives glass from a separate vendor, but I'm not sure if this has an effect on the quality. PGT, for the most part, has aluminum. They are great of r the stormy season in Florida, and are big impact windows sellers for the southeast.

Don - Industry Insider - 2010

PGT vs CWS Windows

You'll find more and more vinyl windows heer in Florida now, but the color options are still kind of scarce. You generally only get three options: beige, white and tan. Vinyl windows will usually be laminated or painted, both with their own drawbacks. You'll only find good design and color options from two manufacturers, which are Custom Window System and PGT. PGT's PremierVu line is decent, but if you're shying away from the higher cost models then you should check out their 500 instead.

Ivan - Installer - Florida - 2012

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