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Great Lakes Windows Reviews

Explore our Great Lakes windows reviews from past customers and installers and discover if their windows are right for you and your next renovation. Pricing can be found on our Great Lakes windows prices.

Cutting Edge II By MI Review

We replaced roughly half our windows back in 2001 and used Penguin Windows, who are now out of business. We wanted to do the other half and a local company told us they have identical windows, they simply don't have a Penguin logo on them. They installed them and I just don't think they are an exact match. The hardware is slightly different, the frame shape is a bit off, the insulation color seems a bit off and they do not close as well. The warranty does not cover glass breakage, while the previous one did - our old windows were the Great Lakes Uniframe and these say Cutting Edge II Plus build by Tribuilt. Obviously these are different and I screwed up by not doing my research, but I also know that window companies will relabel a window so I'm trying to figure out who makes the new ones.

Julie - Consumer - from 2014

[Contractor Response]

Tribuilt doesn't actually make windows, they relabel products and then resell them via Allied Building Products. I believe the Cutting Edge II is Ply Gem and the Cutting Edge I or the orignial is from MI windows and Doors. The Plygem CE II comes in a few models and is not as good a window as the Uniframe and definitely not as good as the EcoSmart. It uses the same frame, but lacks some of the nice features and add ons.

- Contractor - from 2012

Bayshore vs Milgard Tuscany

I'm considering both Great Lakes Bayshore and Milgard Tuscany right now. There isn't anything particularly special about the Bayshore, though it seems good. The pricing is a little high, though. Milgard seems to always be a good choice, with hardly any problems and long lasting products. I think that choosing the Tuscany would be a better choice.

Waldo - Installer - 2008

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Customer Service Thumbs Up

Great Lakes' customer service has been really good in my experience. I have had to interact with them as an installer for years now and they make it easy to get parts or solve issues quickly without hassles. I would prefer working with them over pretty much everyone else out there.

Ben - Installer - 2009

Great Lakes Window Review

Great Lakes' windows are really well-made. And, for the pricing, Grandview is a decent deal. There have been some seal failures, but their customer service seems nice enough that you don't have to jump through hoops just to get new glass. Find additional pricing with our window cost estimator.

Matthew - Installer - Delaware - 2009

Compare to Simonton and Alside

I need to replace a lot of windows and not just one kind. I've got double hing, sliders, casement and a sliding door to take care of. At this point, I've narrowed down my choices significantly. Each qualifies for $1500 credit on taxes, a plus. Sheffield is in a good and low price range, but when the pricing is low it usually means corners or quality were cut somewhere. Simontons gets good reviews, but I'm not sure of their worth. I'm definitely not an expert on Great Lakes, but it seems good and pricing is pretty decent.

Jim - Past Customer - Colorado - 2009

[Contractors Response]

Simonton offers some good deals. As for Great Lakes, their windows are good as well as the customer service they offer. You could go with either one. I would steer clear of Alside windows, though, unless your budget is tight.

Liam - Installer - 2009

Great Lakes Issues

A couple years ago we had some Great Lakes windows installed and 3 of 8 have started growing mold in between each pane. I complained to the company, which got me some pane replacements, but what I was hoping for was a replacement for the full sash. So, now I'm going to have to go through the trouble of finding an installer who can change the window glass. It's disappointing to see this happen since I was tole that they can last about 15 or 20 years, but this happened after less than three years.

Peter - Past Customer - Illinois - 2010

Windows GrandView 4000

I had planned on getting Pella windows since I previously worked there and know they are decent, but the installer I chose seems to like Great Lakes instead. Should I trust them and what they're doing or not? He suggested their GrandView 4000. The cost is pretty high, the numbers are good, but I just don't have an eye for this since I don't know enough.

Bradley - Industry Insider - Michigan - 2010

Ply Gem, Great Lakes and MI

There's this window from Allied Building, Cutting Edge, which is a private line. Who does the manufacturing exactly? Anyone know?

Jerry - Past Customer - 2010

[Contractors Response]

MI makes them. You'll see them referred to as Xact. These are pretty cheap, with builder-grade design to boot to make the cost even lower. If you really want Allied, though, PlyGem Premium and Great Lakes 5000 are worth a look. Before making any decisions, make sure you look at Gorell, Okna, Sunrise & SoftLite. You'd get a better deal with one of those, both in cost and how long it will last you.

Howard - Installer - 2010

A Customers View Of The Windows

I worked as an installer back in the 1990s, working with plenty of Great Lakes windows. There are some great aspects to them like the glass, fused corners, low-E with argon and more. Also, if you need replacement parts at any time, this is a great company to work with on that since they don't put you through a lot to get results. The only bad thing I would say is that the darker vinyl frames tend to warp after being exposed to quickly changing temperatures. If that's been fixed since then, then I would definitely recommend buying them.

Darryl - Past Customer- Minnesota - 2010

Great Lakes and Sunrise

I am a fan of the Sunrise windows. I would consider them among the best, actually. I hardly have the opportunity to work with them, which is a shame because I'd like to. They've been on the market for a while and rank above Great Lakes or Plygem and pretty much all the other brands. I don't really know enough about Seaways to have an opinion on them, but you can't really go wrong with Sunrise.

Quinn - Installer - 2010

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Gorell and Great Lakes

I'm thinking about getting either the Great Lakes Seabrook or the Gorell 5300. Their prices are pretty similar, as are the warranties and a number of other things. Which is better, though, and why?

Susan - Past Customer - 2010

[Contractors Response]

I don't think there is much of a difference between the two, but I would say that Gorell is the overall better choice. The Great Lakes, in my opinion, are better in comparison to the 5300 but when it comes to performance, the quality of build and everything that matters then the Gorell is a great choice. It really depends on what you want. Take a look at the Timeless and 5100 series.

Steven - Installer - 2010

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