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Penguin Windows Reviews

Penguin windows was a Vancouver based residential window company that did lots of business in the North East region of the U.S. Back in 2011, the company ceased operations and are no longer in business. Unfortunately, this means that customers have little recourse in any installation warranty, although they may have a warranty through the actual manufacturer.

Penguin Window Replacements

We replaced roughly half our windows back in 2001 and used Penguin Windows, who are now out of business. We wanted to do the other half and a local company told us they have identical windows, they simply don't have a Penguin logo on them. They installed them and I just don't think they are an exact match. The hardware is slightly different, the frame shape is a bit off, the insulation color seems a bit off and they do not close as well. The warranty does not cover glass breakage, while the previous one did - our old windows were the Uniframe by Great Lakes and these say Cutting Edge II Plus build by Tribuilt. Obviously these are different and I screwed up by not doing my research, but I also know that window companies will relabel a window so I'm trying to figure out who makes the new ones.

Julie - Consumer - from 2014

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