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Polaris Windows Reviews

Read 10 Polaris windows reviews from homeowners, installers and contractors who know the brand, quality, home window pricing and much more. For pricing, click here to see polaris window prices on their 3 vinyl window models.

Editor's Polaris Window Review

Polaris is a well respected vinyl window manufacturer that is headquartered in Youngstown, Ohio. The company is not a household name by any stretch, but they are probably one of the top 10 vinyl window manufacturers in the nation (this may be debatable, but they're somewhere close). Polaris windows are made using Sturtz machinery equipment, which has consistently good manufacturing quality - the Germans like their precision and this is a nice piece of mind for consumers who are wary of poor production batches, which do occur from time to time from small to large window manufacturers.

Like alot of manufacturers, Polaris makes 3 vinyl window lines of series; the ValuSmart, ThermalWeld and UltraWeld models. The ValuSmart is a value or economy window, while the ThermalWeld is a decent window that is comparable to say a Harvey Tribute window. It is the Polaris UltraWeld window that gets the kudos from contractors and installers in terms of its quality and craftsmanship. This window is perhaps a small notch below the Sunrise Restorations window, which is one of the top vinyl windows available.

Bottom Line: Given the right price point and installation quality, Polaris vinyl windows are well worth a look - although we would recommend sticking to the ThermalWeld or, if possible, the UltraWeld window models.

Polaris Windows Reviews vs ProVia

I'm looking to replace 10 windows in my 1960 house near Madison, WI. This is what I have 7 sliders, 2 double hung with one bottom obscure, and a 3 light slider. I have received 4 triple pane quotes below:

Window World 6000 Series Cost: $9380 Window World 6000 Series Reviews

Alside Revelation Windows: Elite Series $13,757 (LEI Home Enhancements)

Polaris Energy Weld Series: $12,640 (Genesis Exteriors)

Provia Endure EN600 Series: $13,963 (Ridgetop Exteriors)

Thank you for your advice,

Amanda - Homeowner - from 2023

[Site Editor's Answer]

Amanda, the best replacement window of the bunch here is the Polaris Energy Weld Series. This is a great window and it is $1K less than the second pick, which is the Provia Endure EN600 Series -- not a cheap bid, but probably fair given the price groupings of the bids you have collected. Either of these two offer the best bang for your buck. Genesis Exteriors gets excellent reviews so I feel comfortable with this pick. Ridgetop Exteriors also gets great reviews so either of these two bids is a very strong candidate in my estimation. Take your pick!

Dane - Site Editor - from 2023

Polaris Windows Reviews

My wife and I bought a home near Minneapolis and the windows are basically shot. I have four quotes so far on 10 big windows.

1. New Windows For America would install Vinylmax Easton with a triple pane glass for $10,600.

2. Great Lakes Windows would install Sunrise windows, I think there standard window frame for $10,700.

3. Universal Windows Direct would install Polaris windows with a uniShield Plus glass package for $10,925.

4. Final company which I can't remember sells the Soft-Lite Element and they offered a "free" triple pane upgrade - they all came in at $16K and then I told him the ballpark price of the other he dropped it to $13K.

I have my own opinions on who to go with but would like to see what everyone else thinks.

Dave - Homeowner - 2014

[Contractor Reply]

The Soft-Lite seller seems like he is a wheeler dealer, which would make me a little wary, but the Element is the best window of the group by far. The Sunrise is probably second (an upgrade to the Verde or Restorations would be much closer to the Elements), the Polaris is a decent window and the Vinylmax is a step below this. If you trust the SL seller and can get it for $13K or a bit lower, that is probably your best bet.

Gerry - Installer - from 2014

Polaris Windows vs Sunrise Windows

I've worked with lots of window brands over the years, but my go to choices today is Polaris and Sunrise. I would say the Polaris is a bit more expensive than the comparable Sunrise model but I like them both and have had loads of experience with the companies and have not had issues with either.

Gary - Installer - from 2011

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Polaris Windows vs. Alside

I've looked over Consumer Reports for replacement windows and they seem to recommend the Alside 8000 window. Any opinions on this one?

Saville- Homeowner - from 2011

[Installer Comment]

First things first, CR is not a very good judge of home windows because they review only brands and products that you can get at the big home improvement stores. So for the replacement vinyl market (which is what most homeowners should be buying), they don't even review what I would say are the top 4 manufacturers - Soft-Lite, Okna, HiMark and Polaris. Having said this, the Alside 8000 is not bad, but it's not in the say league as the ones I just mentioned. But if you are going with Alside, the 8000 is probably your best bet, stay away from the Excalibur and Sheffield models.

Brad- Installer - from 2011

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Polaris Double Hung Windows

We have 3 quotes for 14 double hung windows; one from Soft-Lite Barrington at $5200 with installation from Window Nation, Alside on their Ultramaxx with installation for $5800 and Polaris ThermalWeld for $4600 with installation. Which is the best choice here?

Barton - Homeowner - from 2009

[1st Installer Comment]

The ThermalWeld is comparable to the Barrington and better than the Ultramaxx. See if you can get a quote from Soft-Lite on the Bainbridge model, which is much nice looking than the Barrington.

Daryl- Installer - from 2009

[2nd Installer Comment]

The ThermalWeld is an average window, but their Ultra is much better and is a top contender in terms of quality and design - it is of course more expensive but worth it in my opinion. The Polaris Ultra has great performance numbers, especially in the air infiltration rating. Alside do not make a quality window, especially the Excalibur. they are flimsy and just not designed well at all. The Ultramaxx is not that great - snap in sill, but a better choice than their Excalibur, which is a poorly designed window. Based on the prices you quoted, I would give the nod to the ThermalWeld and would say its on par with the Barrington. You may want to see what they would charge you for the Ultra model.

Rand - Installer - from 2009

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