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Affinity Windows Reviews

Read Affinity windows reviews from contractors, installers and homeowners and see what they have to say about their Energex, Advantage and Elite window models and prices.

Affinity Elite Review

Affinity Windows sell a version of the Elite window, these windows are very visually appealing, they come with great performance ratings and I would place them in the top three for higher grade windows. Some companies' offer Elite and others offer the Energex, while Energex is alright, the Elite is definitely a nicer option. Deceunick are known for their vinyl extrusions, which are then sold to various window companies, one of these is the Elite window and I would recommend them without hesitation.

Tommy - Contractor - from 2013

Affinity Elite or Okna 500

I've had the opportunity of working with the Affinity Elite and the Okna 500 windows and this is what I have found. When it comes to air leaking rates, the Okna 500 wins hands down. With a .02 leakage rate, the Affinity is unable to beat it. That's pretty impressive considering that the 500 isn't the top Okna window. Also it's good to note that this window can handle winds of just over 170 miles per hour.

Next looking at the U-Factors. I found the Affinity has a U-Factor of .27, while the Okna 500's U-Factor is .25. That being said the Affinity has a double pane which offers .24. The problem that I found is that Affinity use a low e hard coat that scratches and has a reduced condensation resistance. Okna on the other hand use a 45 degree miter screen that's elegant and stylish, where the Affinity screen is square cornered and not at all visually appealing.

If you put the two windows against each other you can see the difference in the casements straight away. Looking at the Okna 800, which is a better model than the 500, it offers a composite sash, magnetic seal and sash interlock. The Affinity uses "fuzzy pads" in the sash corners, which aren't used by the higher end window manufacturers. Overall I think the Affinity is a fairly decent window, but there are many other window choices available if you have the time to look around.

Timothy - Contractor - from 2013

[Contractor Response]

Personally I like the Affinity window, but there aren't many people that will say it's a better option over Okna windows. Most dealers will offer Affinity to customers that feel the Okna comes with a heavy price tag and want something a little cheaper. What I can't understand is why the Affinity is compared to the Okna 500 in the first place. The Affinity is a top of the range window, which the Okna 500 is the middle of the range. That being said the middle of the range Okna still offers fantastic U-Factor and air infiltration ratings.

Okna have a good reputation and have been around for many years (around twenty), Affinity is still a newer window, which has only been around a short time, and this would be a huge deciding factor if I was a purchaser. I would consider either for my home though, I feel they are both good vinyl windows and are both good upper end vinyl choices.

John - Contractor - from 2013

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Replacement Window Advice

I am in the process of obtaining quotes to replace ten windows. I have already received a large number of quotes from Affinity, Ideal, Majestic, BF Rich and Castle. The problem comes in that I am not sure which is the better option, while I really like the Affinity, I haven't managed to find much information on them which has left me a little confused. Any advice is appreciated.

Darren - Homeowner - from 2012

[Contractor Response]

The Affinity is a good window in my opinion. They have three options available, Elite is their top end window, Advantage is the middle of the range and the Element is their low end choice. Each window is the same in terms of design and sash extrusion. I have extensive experience with the Advantage and Elite windows from Affinity and have found them both to be great in terms of value and often exceeds any homeowner's expectations. These windows come with foam filled frames, Ashland hardware, super spaced glazing, meeting rail reinforcement and more.

What I find when I install windows outside my local area is that many homeowners will pay more for quality and durability. Okna, Sunrise, SoftLite and Polaris are more popular options. You mentioned you had a quote from BF Rich and I have found that they are good windows, maybe a little dated in terms of appearance, but overall they are a solid window with good customer service. Ideal is another window you may want to look at, though note that it doesn't offer the triple weatherproofing that many of the other window companies offer. Overall you can't really go wrong with the Affinity brand.

Steven – Contractor – from 2012

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