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BF Rich Windows Reviews

Explore BF Rich windows reviews from distributors, installers and homeowners to find out what they think of their window models and service, customer service and warranty For pricing information, check out our window pricing calculator.

BF Rich vs Ideal & Castle

I am in the process of obtaining quotes to replace my home windows. I have already received a large number of quotes from Affinity, Ideal, Majestic, BF Rich and Castle. The problem comes in that I am not sure which is the better option, while I really like the Affinity, I haven't managed to find much information on them which has left me a little confused. Any advice is appreciated.

Darren - Homeowner - from 2012

[Contractor Response]

The Affinity is a good window in my opinion. They have three options available, Elite is their top end window, Advantage is the middle of the range and the Element is their low end choice. Each window is the same in terms of design and sash extrusion. I have extensive experience with the Advantage and Elite windows from Affinity and have found them both to be great in terms of value and often exceeds any homeowner's expectations. These windows come with foam filled frames, Ashland hardware, super spaced glazing, meeting rail reinforcement and more.

What I find when I install windows outside my local area is that many homeowners will pay more for quality and durability. You mentioned you had a quote from BF Rich and I have found that they are good windows, maybe a little dated in terms of appearance, but overall they are a solid window with good customer service. Ideal and Reliabilt are other companies you may want to look at, though note that it doesn't offer the triple weatherproofing that many of the other window companies offer. Overall you can't really go wrong with the Affinity brand.

Steven – Contractor – from 2012

BF Rich v Simonton

I currently sell Simontons, but I previously worked with windows from American Jewel. Back in the 80's, American Jewel offered some good windows with heavy frames. Since then, however, their design has changed and it's made them weaker with a lousy build. You'd do better with BF Rich now, which is priced the same. In my opinion though, I would get a Simonton window. I'm not saying this because I'm trying to sell mine. I sell Simonton because I think they are really good. I'm especially a fan of their 5500, the 9800 and their Prism Platinum. The window quality is higher, their company is dependable and customer services are good. I'm not being told to say these things or to sell them since I'm independently selling them. I strive to make my customers happy, which means giving them a good window. I would not give them American Jewel windows.

Brian - Window Dealer - 2008

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