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American Jewel Windows Reviews

Check out American Jewel windows reviews and see what homeowners and installers think of this window manufacturer. Discover project pricing with our cost estimator.

American Jewel v Simonton

I currently sell Simonton's, but I previously worked with windows from American Jewel. Back in the 80's, American Jewel offered some good windows with heavy frames. Since then, however, their design has changed and it's made them weaker with a lousy build. You'd do better with BF Rich windows, which are priced out the same. In my opinion though, I would get a Simonton. I'm not saying this because I'm trying to sell mine. I sell Simonton because I think they are really good. I'm especially a fan of their 5500, the 9800 and their Prism Platinum. The window quality is higher, their company is dependable and customer services are good. I'm not being told to say these things or to sell them since I'm independently selling them. I strive to make my customers happy, which means giving them a good window. I would not give them American Jewel.

Brian - Window Dealer - 2008

American Jewels or Harvey

I'm thinking about going with American Jewels or with Harvey Tributes. I want to make sure they will last, of course. I talked to an American Jewel dealer who said that I'd have to go with a slider for one of my windows since they don't offer casements in the size I need, which is 36'' by 45''.

Jess - Past Customer - 2012

[Contractors Reply]

Harvey would be the better choice whichever way you look at it; quality products, good service, all of it.

Walt - Installer - 2012

[2nd Reply]

I would be concerned if a window company found it necessary to limit the casement width like they have. You should go with something other than American Jewel that has better quality for a similar price. Harvey is a little better, but not the greatest out theres. If you're willing to pay more up front for a well-made window, it's going to last you longer and have less issues. The higher price also comes with customer service, just in case.

Adam - Installer - 2012

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