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Home Guard Windows Prices

Home Guard windows prices are in the mid to slightly upper end of the vinyl window market. Their entry level window, the Home Star gets okay reviews, while their Innovations has a very good reputation.

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Home Star Window

Some sources have said that the Home Star uses a Deceuninck extrusion and others claim that it is a Rehau. It is a mid-grade window with some decent features, including a block and tackle balance. It has a flush cam lock, pocket sill, shadow grooved welds, and includes double weatherstripping for improved performance. Compare this model to Standard Series from Sunrise windows.

Home Star Window Prices

Innovations Window

Home Guard's Innovations windows get good reviews from installers and dealers. It features a Sunshield extrusion by Deceuninck, who also supplies extrusions for other companies such as Affinity. The millwork design of the Innovations line is stylish, and it has many of the same features as an Okna 800. Some of the main selling points include an insulated sash and meeting rail as well as an interlocking sash system. The sash rail has a composite reinforcement and it includes a sloped sill design. The triple weatherstripping is magnetic along the bottom sash, and it also features even sightlines, a Duralite spacer, and shadow grooved welds. The warranty includes glass breakage coverage. Compare this model to the Pro or Imperial Series from Soft-Lite. See more Soft-Lite windows prices.

Innovations Window Costs

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