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Best Replacement Windows

Here are our selections for the best replacement windows on the market in terms of vinyl, fiberglass and wood clad windows. They may not all be available in your area, but we have tried to provide examples that will include at least one from each region of the United States (and some manufacturers have distribution throughout the United States such as Marvin and Andersen).

3 Top Rated Vinyl Windows

HiMark Enviro Star 800

The Enviro Star Series 800 is one of the best replacement windows when it comes to vinyl windows. Himark is essentially the same window as Okna (although they typically run a bit more, but come with trained Okna window installers). The 800 series offers excellent craftsmanship and design and is always in the mix on the list of contractors and installer picks for top performers, both in terms of aesthetics and performance. Okna is not yet available in the western states, so this is limiting for West Coasters.

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Soft Lite Imperial LS & Elements LS

These two window series are very similar and they both come highly recommended by contractors and homeowners alike. The Soft-Lite Elements LSS has a few nice upgrades to the Imperial and typically runs $50 to $75 more in price than the Imperial LS. Either window should be an excellent performer and provide some nice long term value. We have noticed that prices can vary dramatically from distributor to distributor so make sure to get several bids in the area if possible to insure you are paying a reasonable cost.

» Soft-Lite Imperial & Elements Pricing

Amerimax Craftsman Portrait

Amerimax Craftsman is based out of Colorado and has a strong presence out west and throughout states like California and Oregon. Amerimax offers a number of window models and series, but their best offering is the Craftsman Portrait, which is available in tons of frame colors and upgrades. The window offers impressive performance numbers and very solid design.

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2 Top Rated Fiberglass Windows

Marvin Infinity Series

You get two frame options when you choose the Infinity series, an Everwood veneer on the inside and Ultrex on the outside or a complete Ultrex fiberglass frame. These top rated replacement windows are highly recommended when it comes to their price and looks. They also offer above average performance numbers. Marvin has become a popular choice and well-known name in the industry.

» Infinity Costs

Milgard Ultra Series

The Milgard Ultra Series is a less expensive option with good performance numbers. While they may not be as visually appealing as the Infinity, Milgard has very good reviews and are a very popular fiberglass windows choice.

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2 Top Rated Wood Clad Windows

Andersen 400 Series Woodwright

These top rated window replacements are upgraded from the 200 series. These windows are visually appealing with a wooden interior and vinyl exterior and offer a number of upgrades and options. The sill design has also been upgraded. These are considered as one of the best value options from this manufacturer, even though they are considered one of the more expensive in the industry.

» 400 Series Prices

Marvin Ultimate Series

The Marvin Ultimate Series offers the spectacular visual appeal you would expect from a company of this caliber. These top rated window replacements are made of wood and while they are considered an investment, they add value to your property and are designed to last.

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