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Best Wood Windows

See our top four window picks for the best wood windows on the market. Wood clad windows are hands down the most beautiful replacement options out there and the most expensive. Please note: we have no affiliation with any window manufacturer so our picks are based on quality of product, as well as the general reputation of the companies according to consumers, installers and industry insiders.

Marvin Ultimate Series

The Marvin Ultimate Series offers the spectacular visual appeal you would expect from a company of this caliber. These top rated window replacements are made of wood and while they are considered an investment, they add value to your property and are designed to last.

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Loewen Standard Wood Series

Loewen's standard wood window comes in a variety of styles, including bays and bows, awnings, casements, pictures, double hungs, transom and specialty models. The homeowner can choose from either a Mahogany or Douglas Fir interior. The exterior is clad with extruded aluminum and has a Kunar finish, with plenty of colors to choose from. The standard glass package is the Low-E2, but there are additional options available. These are going to be some of the most expensive wood windows, but also some of the best looking.

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Andersen 400 Woodwright Series

The 400 series from Andersen is a very quality . These windows are visually appealing with a wooden interior and vinyl exterior and offer a number of upgrades and options. The sill design has also been upgraded. These are considered as one of the best value options from this manufacturer, even though they are considered one of the more expensive in the industry.

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Eagle Windows

Eagle is owned by Andersen, and the windows can be bought through Eagle or directly through Andersen, where they are known as the E-Series. Their product has am aluminum exterior and wood interior. What makes them really stand out in the marketplace is that they have approximately 50 different frame colors to choose from. They also have a variety of glass packages, hardware options, screens, grids, and finishes to create the perfect window. Similar to the Marvin Ultimate and the Loewen wood window, they have a lot of features but the cost is quite high.

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