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Amerimax Windows Reviews

Discover experience filled Amerimax windows reviews from past customers and local installers who are familiar with the pros and cons of this product. Amerimax window prices.

Amerimax Comparison to RBA

I got Amerimax vinyl windows installed in my L.A. home about 5 years ago and they still look great and clean. They've kept up over the years too, with smooth movement and a solid design against leaks or drafts. We came across plenty of cheap and crappy vinyl windows while we were shopping for them too. If we'd gone with the other options, we would have ended up with plenty of issues. We considered Renewal by Andersen, but it was way out of our budget. We almost didn't even go with vinyl, but we're glad we did. Vinyl has been around for years, so there must be something to it for people to keep on using it.

2008 - Kent a past customer in California

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Cold Weather Functionality

Amerimax windows are manufactured locally, in Colorado. Since the argon gas if filled here, I feel more reassured in buying these. If they were being made at a lower elevation, then there would be some issues since pressure would build up once they were shipped here. I like the overall appearance. The narrow frames are nice, but they could be sturdier. There are some condensation issues during the winter, so warmer areas might like these windows better. As for our weather, they aren't the best option.

2009 - Walter - Customer from Colorado

Reviewing Vinyl Windows

I love the Amerimax vinyl windows I've have in since 2005. I considered others like CertainTeed, Milgard and Window World. Pricing for the Amerimax is close to what you're offered with the CertainTeeds and Milgards. With the Amerimax, though, I like the look, how quiet they are and the fact that my electric bills have been lowered since I got them. I love the ease of cleaning that comes with double hungs that tilt too. Great!

2009 - Loyd - Past Customer from California

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A Window Dealer's Opinion

From what I've seen, Amerimax has some decent windows. The majority of their products offer features like triple weather stripping, double strength glass, super spacers and plenty of other great things that put them a mark above other models in the same category. You also get a lot more options when it comes to grids and color with this brand. Even better, you can get a tax rebate for the argon fill that comes with the standard glass package, so there's no pricey upgrade needed.Their company also offers good quality patio doors, which have real key locks on the exterior and a number of options for finishes. You can even upgrade the lock to a footbolt, which is definitely worth the price. Not only are the products good, but I've had a great experience with their customer service. Amerimax might be more expensive than some of your other options -- sometimes a lot more, actually -- but you get what you pay for. It's also a little difficult to get them sometimes since there are fewer dealers for Amerimax nationwide compared to other brands. I think a little extra work locating a dealer for this is worth it though.

2010 - Kyle - Window Dealer

West Coast Options

I would say that my favorite west coast windows are Simonton and Amerimax. As for the top four, those would probably be: Simonton, Amerimax, Milgard and Anlin. For those located outside of Southern California, there may be more options or some of these windows might not be available in your area. These four are brands that I've worked with successfully, though, and they offer good features and quality. Always make sure to get a few quotes before making your final decision though, so you can get the best deal.

2010 - John - An Installer

Regional Brands Comparison

In 2006, we bought a bunch of Masters Grande windows and they've worked well. They've looked great with a nice exterior and a white interior painting. They'd stood up to every day wear, the locks are sturdy and we have a great warranty for when they do need a little extra maintenance. The pricing is a bit more than some of the other options we had, not unreasonably, and it was worth it for the quality. We looked at some other brands, but they just weren't right for us. We didn't want single strength glass, which you get with Milgard and the warranty isn't good enough on Atrium or Anlin. California Deluxe wasn't in our budget (way too expensive). So, it was Amerimax, which met our needs perfectly and kept us in our budget.

2010 - Chad - Past Customer in California

Amerimax Customer Service

We installed some Amerimax windows back in 2007 and I would say that they are okay but not the best. There was some noise level reduction, but not like they claimed. There are little holes close to the bottom tracks where a wind tends to blow on through, though they aren't draftiest windows I've seen. We fixed that up a little by filling it with toilet paper. We've had some issues with both the vent stops and Amerimax's customer service. Vent stops broke and we called in for some replacements, but they didn't come. Then, after a while I remembered that they were supposed to come, called them again and got a really rude guy in the warranty department. I was apparently supposed to go through the dealers, according to him. So, even though the windows are an okay quality, I don't plan on using them again because of the customer service.

2012 - Shannon - Past Customer from Colorado

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