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Anlin Windows Reviews

Explore Anlin windows reviews from past customers and installers who have experience with these windows and the company. Our free window calculator can provide additional information on Anlin windows prices.

Anlin and Polybau

Polybau and Anlin have plenty to offer and are both great choices. I would definitely choose them over Simonton, or anything you'd find at Home Depot. Both have better spacers and the extrusion is a little bigger than norm. Compared to Simonton, they also have better air leakage.

I could choose either one for my windows. Anlins is a favorite, I really do think they are good quality. The price tag might be a little higher, but if you work it right you might be able to cut a deal. Look to an installer for references to get great deals instead of a salesperson. The salesperson will likely sweet talk you and offer deals that don't actually hold any water. Shop around for quotes too, before making any final decisions.

2006 - Ryan - Industry Insider

Window Seller Advice

I've mostly sold double panes, low-end and argon windows as well as with triple glazed glass, here in Birmingham, Alabama. The winters are pretty mild in this area, but the summer heat can be pretty harsh. You saw Anlin pretty much everywhere in my previous residence, Northern California, mainly because the closeness of the manufacturers. They happen to be a quality brand, and my past customers seem to have been happy with them since they never came to me with issues.

If you have a stucco home, however, you might encounter a problem. Installers will make the job easy by keeping the old frame and simply replacing the glass. If your frames are still good and you are informed of what's going on as the homeowner, then that's fine. It's not fine if the installers get lazy and do this under the customer's nose. Keep an eye on the work being done so this doesn't happen to you.

2007 - Henry - Installer

Top Rated Window Producers on the West Coast

Milgard, Anlin, Atrium and Magic. I would rank the top four window companies on the West Coast in that order. There are several people who would rate Anlin higher than Milgard, but I don't simply because Milgard has a more developed, bigger company. Nowadays, it's hard to say whether or not a small company will survive, and you don't want to go with a company that will be gone in a few years and unable to help with warranties or other issues.

2010 - Brody - Installer

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Anlin v American Vision

I had decided on Anlin windows, but found it difficult to find an installer in my area that fit my needs. The first one I contacted was ridiculously expensive, which led me to contacting Anlin for a recommendation. They recommended American Vision, which happened to have a much better quote than the previous installers. Much better, as in less than half the price. Not only that, but they worked fast and got the windows installed with not trouble. It was a quick delivery with same-day installation. Unfortunately, the dead bolts I requested did not come with the delivery, so I had to call in for them again. This wasn't too bad, though, since they have good customer service. They were nice, apologized and quickly got to work. They might also do Milgard installations, but they certainly do good installations on Anlins.

2010 - Patrick - Past Customer

General Advise From An Installer

I've heard more good than bad about Anlin products. I've hardly heard any bad things, actually, and they really are supposed to be a good choice. Make sure that you get three estimates at least before going ahead. That's for the windows and installation separately. Pricing can definitely vary, but don't think that the cheapest is necessarily the best. Consider the warranties and service in order to make the best decision.

2011 - Donald - Window Installer

Anlin and Milgard Compared

Anlin has developed a more than decent rep on the West coast. It is easily comparable to Milgard, though, so it all comes down to which gives you the best quote. Get a quote from both, see which one is ultimately the best deal. Some will say that the quality of Milgard is better, but I think there isn't much of a difference and either way you're getting a good window with sturdy build and good appearance.

2011 - Rodney - Window Installer

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