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Polybau Windows Reviews

Read Polybau windows reviews and discover what homeowners and contractors think about this company and their products. For costs, try our replacement window pricing estimator.

Anlin and Polybau

Polybau and Anlin have plenty to offer and are both great choices. I would definitely choose them over Simonton, or anything you'd find at Home Depot. Both have better spacers and the extrusion is a little bigger than norm. Compared to Simonton, they also have better air leakage.

I could choose either one for my windows. Anlins is a favorite, I really do think they are good quality. The price tag might be a little higher, but if you work it right you might be able to cut a deal. Look to an installer for references to get great deals instead of a salesperson. The salesperson will likely sweet talk you and offer deals that don't actually hold any water. Shop for quotes too, before making any final decisions.

2006 - Ryan - Industry Insider

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