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CertainTeed Windows Reviews

Check out Certainteed windows reviews from installers, buyers and past customers and compare them to other well-known window products. Read about popular window series like Bryn Mawr III and Denali - find pricing with our window cost calculator replacement.

Happy Customer

We looked into three different options before choosing windows. It was either going to be Pella (Lowes), Simonton (HD) or CertainTeed (HD) and we decided on a local installer rather than someone from the stores. Simonton had some great features, but we eventually went with MI Xacts, a sister line to CertainTeeds. They are practically the Bryn Mawr IIIs. Our installer was familiar with the windows and we had a great install. He was very professional, taking his time with the work to make sure it was installed correctly. The trimming, priming, caulk work and touch ups were great. We're happy with how well our windows work and how they look. We got a great deal too, just $3600 for 9 windows.

2008 - Greg - Past Customer

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Sold To Metal Industries

Metal Industries bought up Certainteed's window division in 2009. Since then, their quality has really dropped. Poor manufacturing with poor service. I would go with the Simonton instead and steer clear of Certainteed.

2009 - Sam - Installer From Virginia

Windows Are Very Drafty

I've been a builder for well over 10 years, so it's safe to say that I know something about windows. Building my own home had me doing my own research, which lead me to CertainTeeds. One of the biggest mistakes of my life. There's such a draft from the windows that they might as well be open. It took forever for them to send a rep to take a look. Once they did, the rep told me that there was nothing wrong. The warranty was useless because they insisted that the windows were perfectly fine and functing as they should. What a joke. I found out too late that I wasn't actually dealing with CertainTeed, but someone who bought the window brand. I will never go to them ever again and never recommend them to anyone else.

2009 - Leon - Home Builder In Ohio

Certainteed Garden Window

I'm considering buying the CertainTeed Denali garden window, but I'm not sure. I'd like to get some opinions from everyone before I make a decision. An installer told me that he thinks they're good, but when I go online I don't find much about them. What do other people think?

2010 - Gus a past customer


CertainTeed is not a good product at all. I really don't think they will last. Their name has been sold to random companies and you can't trust where you're getting the windows anymore. I'd choose Simonton or Sunrise. They are much better.

2010 - Ivan - Installer

Certainteed to BF Rich Or United Comparison

I'm in New Jersey, on the hunt for replacement windows. What I need are a double slider, 2 picture window replacements, 4 casements and a 9' patio door. I've looked at a number of windows like CertainTeed Bryn Mawrs, Series 700 from United Window and Door, and BF Rich, receiving quotes from each. There isn't much of a difference between each quote, and the warranties and features are pretty similar too. With that, I can't seem to decide on which one to go with now. There's just not enough info out there for me to make an informed decision.

2010 - Nina - Past Customer

[Contractor Response]

So many things really depend on who the installer is. Now that MI makes CertainTeed, I wouldn't recommend it. I'm not very familiar with BF Rich and while United is average, it's not terrible.

2010 - Jack - Installer

[2nd Contractor Response]

United windows used to be my go-to window in the past. You can find them mainly in New Jersey. I chose them for my own home because they look nice and have a solid build. A previous customer was determined to get CertainTeeds on their house, so I installed them, but it's something I wouldn't do again.

2010 - Thomas - Installer

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Certainteed Window Reviews

It only took about 3 to 4 months for our Certainteeds to start causing trouble. There was a terrible draft, which lowered the temp by about 3 degrees in the rooms they were installed. The window interior occasionally gets frost too. We had a worker come out to reflash the windows as well as add insulation, but it didn't make a difference. We finally had a rep from the dealer come out to see what they made of it, and they said that it was happening because of body heat. What? Our body heat is producing too much moisture and frosting the windows in rooms we barely use? Seriously? We're not going with them again. Worst choice we made 4 years ago. Go with something different.

Carlton - Past Customer - 2011

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