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Champion Windows Reviews

Explore Champion reviews windows through from experienced contractors, homeowners and past customers concerning Champion window products and services.

Pushy Sales

I just called into Champion's customer service for some questions, but was persuaded to hava a rep come out to my home. They were nice, of course, and were dedicated to helping me with my options. He brought tons of samples for windows, heat lamps and thermometers. It was all very professionally done and he did a good job of measuring as well as giving a quote. We had discussed replacing both a storm door and 14 or our windows. In the end, the decision was to do a test run by having 3 second floor windows replaced first, see how they held up for the winter and then get the rest in the spring.

The quote we got was about $5,000 in the beginning. It was way pricier than what we'd seen at other places, but then they applied discounts and special offers that lowered the price. You get so much off for doing all the windows, this much for signing up immediately, and more discount offers. The ending offer was $1,800 ($600 for each installed), but we didn't plan on signing anything right away. He kept trying to get us to make a decision on the spot, throwing in a free storm door with discounts on future windows assured. According to their contract, you can cancel within a few days, so we ended up signing just to get the guy out of our house. After two days, we had decided that we weren't ready to make a decision and went to cancel. It took a while to get it cancelled since they really didn't want to let us go (even had a guy pitch to us again with further discounts) but we finally got the cancellation.

2007 - Walter a past customer in Kentucky

Pricing Techniques

After getting a quote from them, I really don't have anything good to say about how Champion conducts business. The price quote was high, then they brought up discounts, specials and negotiated until the price was lower. Yes, the end price was a better number, but we could get the same number at another company without all the discounts. It's all a trick and insulting how they thought I would consider that a real deal when those discounts and special offers are offered to everyone who walks through their doors. They have well-made windows and others seem to be more than satisfied with their customer service, but for me that wasn't enough. I don't plan on buying from them.

2009 - Bill a past customer

Satisfied Customer

I really like the Champion windows I got to replace five windows in my house. There are some great features, like the strong locks and how you can lock the window in a partially open position. They might have been the priciest ones I considered, but I think it was worth the extra expense. The installers we went with showed up on time and worked well. The only disappointment is that my heating bill hasn't been lowered because of them like I thought it would, but at least there's less outdoors noise. Overall, it was a good choice.

2009 - Nate a past customer in Idaho

Champion and Sunrise

There aren't that many differences between Sunrise Restorations, the original Sunrise and Vanguard. Some features that come as optional for the basic models come standard when you purchase the pricier lines. They also include fiber core reinforcements. It's a nice option for certain installs, but you don't always need or want it. It might be better worth the purchase if you go with a basic Sunrise with the triple pane windows and simply add on the features you like for a custom order. Their patio doors are pretty easily compared to those offered at Softlite, Okna or HiMark. I wouldn't go for RBA, Champion or Pella since the price is too high and their reputations are slightly baseless.

2010 - Andrew an installer

Champion Windows Ranking

Champion might not be quite as good as Stanek, Softlite, Sunrise or Gorell, but they have okay windows to install. Don't even pay attention the the R-value, DP rating or any other number ratings listed except for the U-value. That's the only one that really matters here. There is a disadvantage to having Champion 365 in your home if you happen to live in a colder environment. There is just too much passive solar gain, which you don't want. If you happen to have a tight budget though, then this can work. There are better choices than this, so look elsewhere if you can afford it..

2011 - Arnold an installer

Just An Okay Option

Champion windows were put in my house just last year and, at best, they are okay but not great. The fit wasn't good, so there was a lot of foam insulation used just to make it all work together. We had Champion's installers put the windows in, not an outside installer. The window basically does what it's supposed to do, but it does the bare minimum. It can open, close, lock and pretty much nothing else. I get a draft, cold seeps in and the energy bill hasn't changed since I replaced the window. It feels like a waste of my money and effort.

2011 - Robert a past customer - Ohio

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