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Double Pane Window Costs

Double pane window costs run the gamut, from the very low-end at around $200 fully installed to premium wood windows that can run as much as $1200 - $1300 per window fully installed. What a consumer pays for their double pane windows will depend on a number of factors, including the frame type, glass package, size of the window, hardware and any additional upgrades or add ons.

Double Pane Basics

90% of all replacement and new construction windows manufactured today are double paned. They are much more energy efficient than the single pane windows of decades past. The reason is that the two glass panes are sealed and glazed in order to create a self contained unit called an IGU or insulated glass unit. In between the two panes of glass is a non metallic space and a gas fill that helps the efficiency. The two panes of glass usually have low-e coatings that help to reflect many of the UV rays, while absorbing the light rays.

Entry Level Pricing

Entry-level double pane pricing will run anywhere from $200-$400 fully installed. Windows at this price point will certainly be a lower end to mid range final window with a standard glass package, simple plastic hardware, and few upgrades and or add ons such as screens or grids.

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Mid Range Pricing

Mid range double pane pricing will run from $400-$800 per window fully installed. This price point opens up a whole range of material options, including high-end vinyl windows, composites, aluminum, fiberglass and even the lower end wood clad windows. Consumers can expect a standard low E window glass, argon fills, a decent spacer system, a higher end hardware and perhaps screens or grids.

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Premium Pricing

Premium double pane pricing will run $800 and above per window fully installed. At this price point, much of the windows will be a wood clad - meaning they will have an aluminum, fiberglass or vinyl exterior with a real wood interior. Consumers can expect quite a few bells and whistles, including an upgraded glass package, grids, screens, and excellent hardware options.

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