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Gilkey Windows Reviews

Read Gilkey windows reviews from customers and installers to see how their products stand up to the competition. Find price estimates using our cost window calculator.

Not Enough Product Information

I really don't like the fact that it's just been so hard getting details on Gilkey windows. The information you do find on their website and in the brochure is very vague, which I don't like. You can find that information anywhere. What I want to learn from them is stuff not so easily found elsewhere. I got some information directly from a Gilkey salesman, which they wrote down. I got a little confused, though, because we talked about a number of options and I lost track of which was which. Why make it so difficult to learn what you want about a product that your customer is interested in buying?

David - Past Customer - 2006

[Response From Installer] I'm no expert on their windows or the lines and options that they offer, but I do know someone else who is also an installer who has worked with their windows quite a bit more than me. Their reputation appears to be good as far as I know, and there don't seem to be any major issues. The PHTec seems to be your best option available, but I'm not sure about what the price is or the full spec details at this time.

Weston - Installer - 2006

Gilkey Series 6 & 10

I'm in need of 16 window replacements for my home near Chicago. I need sliders, single casements and picture. I've looked around a lot and gotten quite a few estimates. At this point, I've narrowed down my options to either the Gilkey 6 or the 10. The 10 is significantly more than the 6 (a thousand more), but it has things like .33 SHGC, 99.9 UV and a .10 U-value. I also prefer how it looks. In comparison, the Series 6 has .36 SHGC, 99.7 UV block and a .16 U-value. I'm not sure which one is better though.

George - Past Customer - Illinois - 2008

Contractor [Response]

Gilkey is pretty good to choose for your window replacement. You'll find that it performs much better than anything else at the same price. You can thank the Heat Mirror for the U-Values, though people sometimes don't like that feature. But, if the price fits for you and you get a decent warranty, then Gilkey should work just fine.

Warren - Installer - 2008

Gilkey vs Window World vs PGT

I've have received a total of three estimates in my hunt for new windows. PGT, Window World and Gilkey. Gilkey seems to be the more expensive option, but when it comes to the quality it seems to be worth it. I've heard a rumor about Gilkey sending people a cheaper product than what they actually ordered though. Is that just a rumor or true?

Markus - Past Customer - Kentucky - 2009

[Contractors Response]

Gilkey has decent windows. The overall option of them is good and their customer service is one of the things people talk about, so it's hard to think that they would do something that shady. If you happened to get the wrong window, it was probably a big misunderstanding. Their windows are well made, with less issues and lasting materials/build than you might find in other more pricey items.

Jacob - Installer - 2009

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General Opinion

Gilkey has some great windows to offer. I could do without the Heat Mirror, but since it's great for lowering energy costs I guess I'm fine with it. The overall stability of their material is great and they even get a hurricane rating for the System Boreal, though that's not a particularly pretty window. Besides the windows themselves, they offer pretty decent warranties, customer service and have good salesmen.

Darren - Installer - Florida - 2010

Gilkey vs Champion

Even if you've already decided on getting Champion, just take some time to consider Gilkey and I promise you'll change your mind. Their company might be smaller, making options limited for their line, but they can easily compete when it comes to customer service and product integrity. The windows they have are probably even better, in fact.

Kyle - Past Customer - Ohio - 2010

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Gilkey Windows Reviews

Since I've heard some good things about their company, I decide to go with Gilkey. After making my order, though, I ran into some trouble. My windows got up on back order and I had to wait much longer than the 6-8 weeks wait. Of course, I only found this out after calling them when my windows didn't show up and no one contacted me. When they did show up at my house, it was a strange experience. The van was unmarked, which is unusual, and the same went for their uniforms. This means they obviously use outside installers when I thought they didn't. When I called Gilkey, they said they were employees but the van wasn't company owned. I was satisfied with the windows themselves. They helped cut down our gas bills by 30% or so. Only complaint is a whistling noise on windy days, which bugs me.

Kathy - Past Customer - Illinois - 2010

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